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'Seeking Sister Wife': Did Snowdens find two sister wives? Here’s why Ashley finds new sex schedule 'scary'

Looks like Dimitri has found love in the arms of not one, but two women. But where does that leave Ashley?
Dimitri and Ashley Snowden on 'Finding Sister Wife' (@dimitrisnowden/ Instagram)
Dimitri and Ashley Snowden on 'Finding Sister Wife' (@dimitrisnowden/ Instagram)

Maintaining a plural household often runs on respect and understanding between partners. After all, polygamist families depend on smooth communication to function.

In Season 2 of 'Seeking Sister Wife', we saw the Snowdens find happiness in the arms of Vanessa Cobbs, who married into the family and became Dimitri's second wife. Everything was going smoothly for the three of them until it wasn't.


Who are Dimitri Snowden's wives? A look at 'Seeking Sister Wife' star's failed marriage and relationships

'Seeking Sister Wife': Did Vanessa Cobbs leave Dimitri and Ashley Snowden over talks of a third sister wife?

When the news broke that Vanessa had split from Dimitri and Ashley, no one knew exactly what went down between the three. While there was speculation about Vanessa being made to take care of the kids to her not being ready with the family's discussion to add a third wife, Vanessa was clearly unhappy with the Snowdens.

To join the Snowden family, Vanessa did go through a significant amount of lifestyle changes, seeing that she had to adhere to their beliefs and even stick to a stict vegetarian diet. These changes, among other things, made her question her capacity to be a sister wife. She got candid about the same in an Instagram post, where she explained that her feelings for them overpowered her "love and commitment" to herself.

She felt as though she was not being honest with herself and that she was ignoring her 'inner guidance'. Although that union ended quickly, this hasn't stopped them from their search for a new sister wife and turns out they might just be in luck.

Christeline and Dimitri (TLC)

Enter Christeline, a single mother who lives in South Africa, and Tayler, a spunky henna artist from Atlanta, Georgia, both of whom are being courted by Dimitri. Things seem to be getting hot and heavy between them, seeing that both the women are seriously considering becoming a part of the family.

Tayler (TLC)

The women seem to be getting rather comfortable in their new roles, seeing that Tayler even mentions a sex schedule to Ashley. "Speaking of sharing, we've already set the D schedule." Taylor breaks it down. "I like it in the morning. Christeline can be getting D in the night", she further explains, although Ashley doesn't seem quite on board and rather taken back.

Ashley even mentions that it's "kind of scary to think about." Seeing that Ashley also had a new sex rule when the couple was counting Vanessa, looks like Dimitri seems to be forgoing said rule once again, as he is seen getting intimate with both Christeline and Tayler. Will his new relationship put a strain on his old one? Looks like we'll have to wait and see.

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