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‘Go back to Africa’: Seattle racist yells N-word, does Nazi salute in viral video

Black man captures harassment by a White man in Seattle, the internet quickly identifies him as 'anti n---o politicist', others mock Subaru
UPDATED OCT 14, 2021
A man caught on video doing the Nazi salute and later shouting 'Go back to Africa' (@kdcutz/Instagram)
A man caught on video doing the Nazi salute and later shouting 'Go back to Africa' (@kdcutz/Instagram)

A racist White man was caught giving the Nazi salute in Seattle by model Aunjoli Jean-Pierre. The now-viral video shows the man making the gesture, and walking away from a person Pierre identified as her brother. Pierre's brother quickly recorded the encounter and sent it to her. She then uploaded it on Twitter, and within hours the man was identified. Other users also chose to see the funny side, mocking the racist's Subaru. 

Despite a year-long movement to draw attention towards racism, the US has seen a massive surge in racist incidents, particularly targeted towards Asian Americans in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. On October 7, the New Hampshire AG filed an enforcement action against Kristina Graper, after she called a 9-year-old the n-word, and threatened to kneel on his neck. In late September, we reported on the harassment a Black couple in Virginia faced from their neighbors, and the fact the police refused to take action. In mid-September, students at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee went viral for wanting a fellow classmate to be expelled after he used the n-word on camera.


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Thanks to platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, racial attacks have become not just frequently recorded, but common causes for outrage. Jean-Pierre managed to channel that outrage and locate the racist who harassed her brother, thanks to some sleuthing by the Twitter community. It's unclear if the man has been arrested, but we do know he's been suspended from Twitter.

'Need one of those Twitter do ya thang moments'

On October 12, Jean-Pierre's brother, identified only as Twitter user @KDCutz was "minding his blacka-- business" when a White man yelled "white power". As he begins to walk away, he is recorded by Jean-Pierre's brother, who keeps asking "where you live?" At one point, the man simply says "come on n-----r" and does the Nazi salute. "You wanna be White don't you?" the man asks, still walking away. He is caught walking to his car, a silver Subaru, and drives away after saying "go back to Africa." Jean-Pierre uploaded the entire incident to Twitter, which you can see below-


The video was originally uploaded by Cutz to Instagram, where he said, "My only goal was to get this fools face & license plate." Before the video, he added a disclaimer and said, "I can’t believe this man thought he could walk around like this without meeting opposition." Speaking to The Daily Dot, he said he took the video so that the individual could be identified and so the community "could know to be safe and stay away from him."

Well, it didn't take long for the community to spring into action. A handful of users traced the man to a Twitter account in the name of Michael A. Slawson, whose bio reads "anti n---o politicicst & proponent of involuntary deportation of African Americans to Africa. Anti synagog of Satan. Not of this world." We couldn't learn more about the man, since it appears Twitter has since suspended his account. We couldn't find any other social profiles linked to him, so we cannot confirm if the man in the video is indeed Slawson.  TikToker @tizzyent also identified the man as Slawson and noted he had once been wrongfully accused of making threatening calls to mosques in Southern California. 


'Thing I learned today- Nazis drive Subarus too'

As the video went viral, the internet was quick to slam the man, while others found his choice of transportation weird. "Thing I learned today- Nazis drive Subarus too," one user commented on Jean-Pierre's video. To that, another responded, "They shouldn't be allowed to. Subies are for lovers."



One user tweeted, "I am definitely getting domestic terrorist vibes from you. I hope the authorities and law enforcement are keeping an eye on you. How does a supposed "Christian" become so hateful." Another mocked, "Bro talking bout deportation where they gonna ship you to?"



Other users also shared screenshots of some of Slawson's tweets, indicating he has a history of racist content. According to the video @tizzyent made, it appears Slawson is a former law enforcement officer and possibly served in Los Angeles. Before his account was suspended, users noticed he followed the Los Angeles Police Department and the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department.