University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Black students want White peer expelled for N-word

The university's Chancellor released a statement after the video went public, condemning the student's behavior

                            University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: Black students want White peer expelled for N-word
The university's Chancellor, Mark Mone, said that the comments were 'deeply offensive' and 'hurtful' (University of Wisconsin Milwaukee/Facebook)

A group of Black students is demanding that a fellow student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee be expelled for repeatedly saying the N-word and using anti-gay slurs, which was caught on camera. Reportedly, the university officials have investigated the matter. The video was sent to the president of the school’s Black Student Union via Snapchat, and he later shared it on his Facebook page.

“UWM is supposed to be an inclusive campus, and a lot of students don’t feel that we’re being very inclusive right now,” Hayes, the organization’s president, told Fox6Now. “A lot of students don’t feel welcome.” The Black Student Union is now calling for the expulsion of the student.


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The Chancellor of the university, Mark Mone, released a statement after the video went public, condemning the behavior of the student and saying that the comments were “deeply offensive” and “hurtful”. “I hear the hurt, outrage and concerns experienced by students, employees and from community members, and we are responding swiftly,” he wrote.

UWM Dean of Students Adam Jussel told local media has refused to discuss specifics of the investigation with the media. The student code of conduct can, however, can lead to expulsion. “Obviously this particular situation is abhorrent behavior and it is severe,” Jussel said. “But I wouldn’t be able to speak to the specifics of what the potential outcome [might] be.”

Last week, the Black Student Union of the school posted a statement from Jussel to the UW-Milwaukee community. It said that the video was made before the accused student enrolled at the university, and the code of conduct does not apply to those who are not registered for the study. At present, the student has withdrawn from in-person classes and left on-campus housing.



In another recent incident, a Black TikToker by the name of @olivia2005nicole2 recently took to TikTok to describe how she had to go through a suicide evaluation after her teacher used the N-word amid a class discussion. In the video, the TikToker can be seen in front of a green screen. No faces are visible during the conversation, but a discussion around race is audible.

The TikToker says that the teacher was someone she "loved so much" and visited “every morning”. She says that during the conversation, she sat next to the female student who recorded it. The TikToker further describes how she returned home after she had to have “a suicide evaluation after [she and the teacher] had that talk.”

These incidents are not very rare as there have been several instances of harassment and discrimination raised online since Covid-19 set in. People complaining about mask mandates in shops have been the most common refrain. In June this year, a video capturing a brawl in a Walmart went viral. The shocking video showed a Walmart security worker knocking a customer out stone-cold with one punch after the shopper apparently spat on him. In March, there was also the case of an NYC anti-masker who hurled the N-word at a bagel shop worker when asked to cover her face.