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White Oregon woman calls neighbor the N-word in viral video: 'Go back to the Philippines'

'This is Oregon. Maybe you should go back to the Philippines, where you belong,” the White woman tells the people behind the camera
Viral video shows white couple yelling N-word at man from the Philippines (Twitter/ @davenewworld_2)
Viral video shows white couple yelling N-word at man from the Philippines (Twitter/ @davenewworld_2)

A video of an Oregon couple berating a Filipino man has gone viral on Twitter. The footage showcases a White woman dressed in bright colors yelling the N-word and telling the person recording the video to “go back to the Philippines.” 

The video was uploaded last week by Twitter user @davenewworld_2, who’s known for sharing videos of viral incidents. The video begins abruptly in the middle of an argument between the neighbors. A woman with short blonde hair and pink leggings tells the person, “He lied about his mom. You know what, you little bitch? Are you recording me?” The woman also charges toward the man with the camera and informs him that he is not allowed to do so without her permission.

“This is Oregon. Maybe you should go back to the Philippines, where you belong,” the White woman tells the people behind the camera, before stopping in the middle of walking back, turning back, and yelling the N-word. 



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However, she was not entirely correct about the state's law. "In Oregon it is legal to record telephone conversations with the consent of at least one party, but recording in-person conversations requires the consent of all parties except for in certain circumstances, such as when all parties reasonably should have known they were being recorded. Illegal recording is a misdemeanor that can also give rise to civil damages," says the law.

When the man making the video, informs the White woman that the video was going online, she says, “I don’t care." Pointing to a White man with tan skin, she says “I call him a white [N-word] every day.” “I think you guys just wanna say the N-word,” a woman with the man with the camera says. At this, the man wearing an orange shirt and accompanying the White woman says, “This house is paid for. What about yours?”

'Where is the context?'

A handful of people who watched the video blamed the man with the camera for providing no context to the video, adding that he was baiting the White couple from the start.

"This is baiting people for no reason. What have you achieved? Where is the context? It's one thing to allow people to throw fits in public and video it but this appears to be throwing raw meat to the dogs for a reaction. Congratulations on being part of the problem," a user said, while another commented, "This gets me angry. I recognize your ultimate goal, but videos like this are done by people looking to antagonize others to get their worst responses. If full context isn't provided you should refrain from posting. We've all had moments when we've said things we regret in anger."

@davenewworld_2 replied, "Steven Spielberg called in sick so this cameraman is all we had on short notice. Had I known someone of your prominence would be screening the footage, I would've asked the racist to start the argument over so you can get the entire context and feel better about judging them."



'What kind of upside down world do these people live in?'

However, most people saw the video as an attack against the man with the camera and slammed the White couple as racist. "Isn’t it funny that white folks spent the last 100 years working on tanning - making their skin darker- yet many seem to dislike darker skin. I don’t get it," one of them said, while another noted, "They think they fight for a cause. The problem is, they are yet to find it. Like it or not, the world is blending. The sooner you learn to adapt and be tolerant, the better."

One more wrote, "So much to unpack here. The pants, the hairstyle, the husbands unibrow..." The next commented, "So the guy at the end hears them being racially abused but tells THEM to show some respect? What kind of upside down world do these people live in?" A commenter tweeted, "My man in orange shirt with the tough stance angling with the false bravado." One more said, "Please!!! Everyone CALM DOWN. They paid cash for their house so it’s okay."