'Sister Wives': Meri feels the other sister wives love her conditionally and thinks the family is falling apart

'Sister Wives': Meri feels the other sister wives love her conditionally and thinks the family is falling apart
Robyn and Meri (TLC)

Meri Brown is having a hard time finding a place for herself in the Brown family. After Meri was forced to move back to Las Vegas, she thought the distance would do her some good.

She confessed that being away from the family did not make her miss many things. However, now that she was heading back to move in to her new house in Arizona, Meri wondered how things would be.

Opening up about her relationship with Kody, Meri admitted that she wished her relationship with him was more like the one he shared with the other sister wives.

Meri thought Kody was closer to Janelle, Christine, and Robyn when compared to her. She admitted that there was a need for her to rekindle her relationship with Kody while also improving her relationship with the other sister wives. 

However, she felt that their love for her is conditional when all of them sat together for a chat. Meri revealed that she bearly slept in her new house because she hadn't moved everything and it was just her in a big house. It is then that Jenelle suggested that she takes the help of professionals to move things in.

Meri was not keen on doing this as she thought it would be better if the entire family came together to help her move. However, the others thought that it would be a lot of work and suggested that after Meri was done moving in, they could have a get-together.

Hearing this, Meri thought that the other sister wives could be trusted only when they want to come together to have fun but not if someone needs to get something done.

She further said that one of the problems between all of them is that no one takes the initiative of reaching out to the others. 

While Meri apologized for not being part of the family as much as she would have wanted to, Jenelle thought that it was unreasonable as the sister wives should work together.

Robyn echoed the same thoughts as she said that hearing what Meri had to say made her sad and she wanted everyone to work together as a family. 

While the sister wives try to work things out together, it seems like all of them are having a hard time settling on the same page. 'Sister Wives' airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.


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