'SEAL Team' Season 5: Fans dub Episode 1 a 'scary movie' as Bravo goes to North Korea

Episode 1 ended with Bravo getting cornered and their mission jeopardized

                            'SEAL Team' Season 5: Fans dub Episode 1 a 'scary movie' as Bravo goes to North Korea
David Boreanaz as Jason Hayes in 'SEAL Team' (Ron P. Jaffe 2021/CBS Broadcasting, Inc)

For all you Team Bravo fans, Season 5 of 'SEAL Team' is back and right off the bat, the crew is taking on a covert mission that might just prove to be their most intense one yet. Episode 1 of Season 5 titled 'Trust, But Verify: Part 1' has the team entering the viper's pit blindfolded. As the synopsis of the episode reads: 'Everyone on Bravo is shocked when they learn a training exercise is really cover for a covert mission to get a weapons expert out of one of the most dangerous countries in the world.'

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For Jason Hayes and the rest of Bravo, their downtime at home is cut short when they're called in for an exercise mission to South Korea. However, they quickly realize that it's not an exercise mission but a covert operation in North Korea. Bravo is tasked with helping Jin, known as 'the godfather of North Korea's weapons', defect to South Korea. Seeing that his wife did earlier, getting Jin to defect would create a massive issue for North Korea's weapon's program. Bravo teams up with a woman named Kwan Jon-Wi, who defected years ago, but now acts as a smuggler to help other North Koreans leave. The plan, in theory, is clear -- Bravo has to cut the power supply to an electrified river, thereby helping Jin and Kwan Jon-Wi to make their way across. However, seeing that Bravo's death is imminent is caught, all their lives are on the line. The plan hits a massive issue when Kwan Jon-Wi's vehicle is intercepted by North Koreans, as half of the team is stuck in the power facility, with an increasing number of soldiers heading their way. Fans were at the edge of their seats, seeing that the episode ended on a massive cliffhanger. 

"Seriously!!!!!!!!! Of all the places to get trapped @SEALTeamWriters really know how to keep their fans Zen I need all the help I can get to make it to next Sunday #SEALTeam" tweeted a fan. "That's not good guards all around them this is not gonna end well!!!  #SealTeam" added another. "I feel like this is some Halloween scary movie with how everyone just goes still and we're waiting to see who dies first #SEALTeam" tweeted a fan. "Everyone just stay still and stop breathing until next Sunday #SEALTeam intense season premiere tonight." added another. 








What do you think? Will Bravo be able to execute this mission successfully? Or are they all now sitting ducks? Sound off in the comments below! 

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