SBS Inkigayo says ex-IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin's return as MC 'unconfirmed', fans irked

SBS Inkigayo says ex-IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin's return as MC 'unconfirmed', fans irked
Yujin recovered from Covid-19 last month (@_yujin_an/Instagram)

Former IZ*ONE member Ahn Yujin has been hosting the music show SBS’ Inkigayo along with NCT’s Sungchan and Treasure’s Jihoon. They had taken over from the previous MCs Monsta X’s Minhyuk, NCT’s Jaehyun, and April’s Naeun in February. However, in early September, it was reported that Yujin had contracted Covid-19. She had taken a hiatus from hosting Inkigayo. But it has been four weeks since she recovered and has come back home. 

What has irked fans is that she has still yet to get back to hosting Inkigayo. The idol is pretty active on social media and is healthy enough that has fans wondering why she hasn’t rejoined Sungchan and Jihoon as MCs. Currently, in her place, there have been guest MCs like STAYC’s Sieun, Somi, and ITZY’s Yuna. Having waited for so long, fans have run out of patience and have been trending Yujin to get an explanation for her absence. However, SBS’ response hasn’t quelled the matter.

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Fans kept asking for a statement from SBS and Yujin’s label Starship Entertainment, but their replies have been less than satisfactory. Korean netizens found SBS’ response curt as the only thing they said was “it’s unconfirmed.” Starship was not any better as they said, “We are currently moving forward with schedules with the artist’s health in mind.” Fans are upset as this is not the first time the idol has been mistreated. Yujin had been part of the popular girl group IZ*ONE that ended up disbanding right when they were at their peak.



Knetizens have also pointed out that Yujin has been booked for other gigs that she has updated about on her social media. Fans reasoned that hence there is no need for her to stay absent from Inkigayo. They have been trending Yujin in hopes that Inkigayo will bring her back. One fan tweeted, “Please we want yujin back. we want her to complete mc ninini during sundays. tf are starship and sbs hiding?” Another fan posted, “Yujin is so happy being MC, don't take away her happiness.” One shared, “Mc yujin, my mc ninini trio i miss y'all.”

One commented, “Officially hating Sundays and Inkigayo until mc Yujin comes back.” “Why isn't Ahn Yujin attending Inkigayo even after so many days? It's already been a long time since her being out of quarantine. As much as we appreciate the special MCs, we want our girl back on the show. MC NiNiNi isn't complete without MC Yujin WHERE IS MC YUJIN,” said one fan.






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