'Say Yes To The Dress': Satin can see dead people and needs a dress that is approved by her grandmother's ghost

'Say Yes To The Dress': Satin can see dead people and needs a dress that is approved by her grandmother's ghost
Satin (TLC)

Satin "Aries" Latimer sees dead people and wants to make sure that they are invited to her wedding. Yes, you heard that right! The latest episode of the show (Friday, September 4) saw a special guest who is a known name among the hip-hop artistes as she uses her medium ability to talk to people who are dead.

Coming to the show, Satin revealed she was looking for a dress that would fit the theme of the wedding, that is, "the day of the dead". While most of the brides settle for white as the color for their wedding, Satin had some other plans. She wanted a dress that was black in color as in the spiritual community it represented protection and drew positive energy of those who wished others well. Keeping this in mind, she wanted to stick to her idea of walking down the aisle in a black dress. However, this was not the only out-of-the-ordinary thing that Satin had planned on. Opening up about her wedding plans, Satin revealed that she had not chosen a venue but was planning on having her ancestors at the wedding.

Sticking to the theme of "the day of the dead", Satin wanted to make sure that all her ancestors got a chance to be present on her special day. Luckily for her, she had Mandy as her consultant who was ready to make sure that Satin had everything she had hoped to find in a wedding dress. Apart from having a black dress, Satin revealed she was looking for a mermaid dress that had a long trail. Unfortunately, since Satin wanted a dress in black, it limited her options. Despite this, Mandy got three options for her to choose from. The first dress was a ballgown and an all-black. Satin fell in love with the dress the second she wore, but her grandmother's ghost was not too happy. Satin's friend, who was also a medium, revealed that her grandmother had wanted to see her in white and nothing else. Hinting that grandmother was not happy with Satin's choice, her friend made it clear that it was better not to upset her.

To please her grandmother, Satin then chose a dress that was a mix of black and white. Unfortunately, she did not like the dress at all. Luckily, grandma was on the same page. This led Satin to keep hunting for her dress but her dreams came true when she tried on an all-white dress. Even though Satin had come with the mindset of walking down the aisle in a black dress, thanks to her grandmother, she realized that her fiance and his family may not be happy with her choice. Noting that the wedding day is a celebratory occasion for both of them, Satin decided to go with a white dress. Once she wore the dress with all the accessories, Satin knew it was the one for her. Luckily, her grandmother's ghost also gave the blessing and Satin finally said yes to the dress!

'Say Yes To The Dress' airs on Saturdays at 8 pm ET on TLC.

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