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‘Bridezilla’: Amber struggles to adjust her wedding dress at the altar, fans call it her 'most cringe scene'

'Someone get something to cover the girls! Amber is having a dress malfunction!' said a viewer
UPDATED NOV 20, 2020
Amber (WE tv)
Amber (WE tv)

A lot went down in the November 19 episode of ‘Bridezilla’ and viewers of the show cannot keep calm. With brides Amber and Roshonda taking the center stage, fans have a lot to say about all the craziness.

Roshonda and her fiance Kyle visited decorator Ingrid, who is in charge of doing the flowers for their wedding. She managed to confuse the decorator and the cake maker as well as she looked straight at a bouquet of lavender, pink and white flowers and said she liked the bouquet but she wanted it with lavender, pink and white flowers. Roshonda also made it very clear that she wanted her cake to look good, she didn’t really care about the taste much. Host loni Love tweeted saying, “Looks like Roshonda’s planner & decorator are going to have to jump thru hoops for her.” Another tweet said, “Roshonda needs a lot of help in deciding what's best for her wedding because she clearly can't do it herself! #Bridezillas.”



When she kicked her mom and cousin out of her house, fans were shocked, “Ooh thank Shonda needs a good talkin to need to be laid on across somebody’s lady lap and get a good spankin ... now you ain’t neva to old to get spank ain’t dat right mama Susan Lol.” “Roshonda a no nonsense type of woman,” said another comment. “She done kicked out the mama too!!! #Bridezillas,” wrote another. 




Amber was very nervous the day before her wedding and she took over everything during the rehearsal dinner pushing her planner aside. Fans wrote, “Amber needs to worry about her t*tties staying in this dress and let Florence do her job. #bridezillas.” On her wedding day Amber had a little too many mimosas and was kind of likeable. “Blame it on the a-a-a-a-a-alcohol…,” wrote the official handle of WE tv. “Dang I need what Amber is drinking #Bridezillas,” wrote a thirsty viewer. “Don’t get too drunk on your wedding day. You want to remember you got married,” wrote another. 





Throughout Amber’s wedding her breasts kept popping out of the dress, during the vows, during the dance, pretty much all the time, Amber’s chest was all out in front of friends and family. An older relative came to her rescue as she covered her with her scarf. 

“Her damn t*ts are about to bust out!” commented a user. “Amber adjusting herself at the altar during the vows is the most cringe scene of all her segments,” wrote another. “O.... MYYY GOODNESS Did ha peak A boos just come out!!! girlfriend get a hold of dem Lol Amber,” wrote yet another fan. The wise Loni Love commented, “Someone get something to cover the girls! Amber is having a dress malfunction!” “She’s worried about a runner and wedding perfection, but not her b**bs continuously popping out?” said an irritated fan. 






'Bridezillas' airs on Thursdays at 10 pm ET on WeTV.