'Pretty B*tch Music’: Is Cher behind Saweetie delaying debut album?

The 27-year-old rapper had released her debut EP ‘High Maintenance’ in March 2018 followed by her well-received second EP, ‘Icy’ in March 2019

                            'Pretty B*tch Music’: Is Cher behind Saweetie delaying debut album?
Saweetie's talk with legendary songstress Cher made her see her debut album in a new light (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images; Photo by Handout/ActBlue/Biden Inaugural Committee via Getty Images)

Saweetie, who has been recently in news more for her public break-up with Migos member Quavo than her music, had finally got the fans excited for the release of her debut album ‘Pretty B*tch Music’. However, her listeners might now have to wait a little longer as the ‘Icy Grl’ hitmaker has shelved the plans for the same.

The 27-year-old rapper had released her debut EP ‘High Maintenance’ in March 2018 followed by her well-received second EP, ‘Icy’ which was released in March 2019. It also had the Top 40 single ‘My Type.’ The female emcee was now gearing up for the release of her debut album from almost a year with the help of a few singles but in the latest interview for the 2021 BET Awards with Big Tigger for Complex, Saweetie revealed that she will be pushing the release date of ‘Pretty B*tch Music’.
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Why did Saweetie push the release of her debut album?

A week after confirming it on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’, Saweetie in her recent interview dropped the bomb saying that she wanted to reconstruct some songs on the album while labeling herself as a perfectionist. Explaining the reason behind her decision, the California native shared, “Yes, “Pretty B*ch Music was supposed to come out this month, but I was really living with it. And one of my goals is for people to really feel something with every song, so I had to go back and reconstruct some songs. Just know that I’m a perfectionist and it’s on the way."

Saweetie is yet to announce the next official release date of her debut album. For the unversed, the full-length project will be stacked with earlier released tracks like, ‘Tap In’, ‘Pretty Bi**h Freestyle, ‘Back to the Streets’ featuring Jhené Aiko, ‘Best Friend’ featuring Doja Cat) and ‘Fast (Motion)’ along with the new ones. Once released, fans can plug into her debut album here.





Is Cher the reason behind Saweetie’s album delay?

Speaking exclusively to Buzzfeed in an interview most recently, Saweetie hinted that legendary songstress Cher might be the reason behind the album delay. “I had a breakthrough, I had an epiphany, I had a lightbulb moment as an artist last week. So I'm actually going back and I'm going to redo a lot of my songs. What led to that was lack of creativity, lack of inspiration. Honestly, I know where this epiphany came from. When I was on set with Cher, she just gave me so many gems. I feel like our journeys are very much so alike.”

Saweetie continued, “I really want everything to count. I don't want any lazy bars. I want you to feel something. When you're listening to "Pretty B*tch Music," I want all the serotonin chemicals running through your body. That's why I want to go back and really, really put a microscope on each song.” She concluded, “I've always been rushed to finish. That's why I keep pushing my album back, because I've never really had a sense of security. When I finish this album, I want to live with it for however many days and I want to be so sure. I feel like this is my reemergence and reintroduction to who I am, not only as an artist, but as a woman and as a human being. So, I'm taking my time with it.”



‘She has made ZERO noise’

A lot of social media users, who were waiting for Saweetie’s debut effort, were not aware of her latest decision which left them befuddled. One user asked, “Is saweetie album still dropping? cause she’s made ZERO noise.” Another shared, “I see Saweetie pushed back her album. Deff a good move cause it felt a lil rushed, this week is fairly busy for new drops.”
The next one added, “I get what she saying but she just told us like two weeks ago that her album was coming out tomorrow? So what changed that fast?” Meanwhile, one noted, “I was really looking forward to hearing the queen of rap saweetie album.” One user tweeted, “Her album is not dropping tonight or tomorrow or the day after that” and another concluded, “I dont think Saweetie dropping tonight… and if she is its gone do bad sis did no promo for the album and had no rollout!”