Did Quavo take Bentley back from Saweetie? Breakup snowballs into slam fest: ‘Taking gifts back is wild corny’

Quavo had customized the car for Saweetie with snowflake details on the exterior and word 'Icy' embroidered into the headrests

                            Did Quavo take Bentley back from Saweetie? Breakup snowballs into slam fest: ‘Taking gifts back is wild corny’
Saweetie and Quavo announced on social media they were dating since 2019 and the rapper had gifted her a Bentley (Instagram Video / Getty Images)

The sudden end to Quavo and Saweetie’s relationship is making headlines everywhere after they both confirmed the split via Twitter. Making it official in 2019, the couple was in a relationship for two years and had exchanged quite a few gifts during the same time.

It's been reported that Saweetie had to return the Bentley Quavo he had given as a gift. The Internet soon got abuzz with the rumor and both the artists were trending again on the micro-blogging site. Though there is no confirmation of the news from any of the two, a hip-hop gossip page shared the same on social media. It is believed that the Migos member sent a repo man to collect the customized gifted Bentley which led to a meme fest on social media. The rumors, however, was later proved to be false.

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If the outlet is to be believed, an insider — dubbed by MTO as “close” to Quavo explained, “Quavo's no dummy — the Bentley wasn't in her name. He's not being petty or anything, but she's on Twitter talking sh*t. So he took back the car.”

Saweetie and Quavo attend the 2019 GQ Men of the Year celebration at The West Hollywood Edition on December 5, 2019, in West Hollywood, California (Getty Images)


When did Quavo gift the Bentley to Saweetie?

Saweetie got a surprise Christmas present in the form of a luxurious Bentley in December 2020. According to People, a live Instagram video was captured by The Shade Room where the female emcee can be seen jumping with excitement. In the video, she had then said, “My heart is beating so fast. This is the best. Oh my god.” 

Quavo had revealed that the lavish car was customized for his girlfriend and paid homage to her signature word “Icy”. The gifted Bentley features snowflake details on the exterior and the word “Icy” embroidered into the headrests. Saweetie had later shared a few pictures of her new wheels on Instagram while thanking Quavo. She was seen modeling on top of the car while showing-off the customized details.


 ‘Best news I heard all day is Quavo took his Bentley back’

The rumors of Quavo taking back his Bentley soon caught like a wildfire as many made fun of the rapper for sending a repo man to collect the car. For the uninitiated, a repo man is a person employed to repossess goods for which a purchaser has defaulted on payment.

Speaking about the same, one person made fun of the rapper and said, “Quavo said f**k that gimme back my Bentley bih”. Another added, “Best news I heard all day is Quavo took his Bentley back.”

The next one posted, “Quavo really sent a repo man to get the Bentley he gifted Saweetie? Lol wasn’t it custom for her at that too?” One shared, “Quavo repo-ing Saweetie’s Bentley was the most epic thing I’ve seen all year lol.”

Another individual said, “Quavo did not buy the Bentley for Saweetie with shame but Money. If them sack you for work, company official car or house will be taken back nah,” whereas, one asserted, “Why did a whole Quavo collect his gift back C'mon, Bentley should be small change to him fr. I'm disappointed in him fr.” One slammed Quavo and concluded, “Quavo taking back the Bentley is not the flex yall want it to be. Taking gifts back after your relationship ends is wild corny. He a lil a** boy fr.” 

Saweetie and Quavo of Migos perform at Summer Jam 2019 at MetLife Stadium on June 2, 2019, in East Rutherford, New Jersey (Getty Images)
















Saweetie was the first one to remove Quavo on social media, and the Migos rapper returned the favor by doing the same. The ‘controversial’ interview in question which fans have pointed out to be a reason for their split had some flirtatious banter.

Reportedly, co-host Combs and Saweetie were a thing when the 27-year-old ‘My Type’ crooner went to the University of Southern California.

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