Is Saweetie anti-Black? Rapper flays troll who called her 'colorist' over old video

Saweetie got dragged by a Twitter user to which the former decided to call out after she got blocked by the same

                            Is Saweetie anti-Black? Rapper flays troll who called her 'colorist' over old video
Saweetie (Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

Chaos ensued after an old video of Saweetie laughing at colorist comments while interacting with rapper and record producer Too $hort resurfaced on the Internet. The ‘Tap In’ hitmaker soon started trending as social media users got into a heated debate. The female emcee, however, decided to speak out and urged that the full video should have been shared.

Saweetie got dragged by a Twitter user to which the former decided to call out after she got blocked by the same. The award-winning emcee faced heat for laughing at Too $hort’s comments where he discussed biracial or multiracial people. In the old live-stream video, Too $hort said he hasn’t fallen in love with a woman that has not been mixed, adding that mixed kids were pretty, regardless of how their parents looked like. Saweetie was seen laughing at these comments which quickly broke the Internet. However, later in the video, she tells Too Short that Black women were "beautiful on their own," without having to be mixed with any other race.

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Saweetie defends her laughing at colorist comments

Saweetie took to Twitter and tagged the user who first posted the old clip saying, “Since @idkthreat blocked me make sure y’all post the whole clip. Black women are beautiful period!” In another tweet, the rapper thanked her fans saying, “This shouldn’t even be a conversation but thank you for having my back baby. I’m going back to my shoot. Y’all have a Jesus blessed day.”

The Twitter user then again took to the micro-blogging site after the clip got viral and posted multiple tweets saying Saweetie’s non-black fans were harassing in DMs. “Saweetie got her nonblack fans harassing me in my dms and other social media over a tweet of her laughing at colorist comments.” Another tweet read, “Saweetie response to her laughin wit a colorist is having her fans harass a darkskin woman. hmmn just slow.” The next one stated, “Like how she got more energy for a darkskin but couldn’t @ da colorist himself and check him infront of her million followers.” And, another read, “Her definition of correcting him was her smiling in his face and saying “all black women are beautiful” and lettin wat he said slide but she wanna address a darkskin infront of her 1.8 milly followers.” Another added, "A Twitter account tried to stir up a narrative that saweetie is colorist , now they’re playing victim".









‘Don’t let these internet folks tempt you into a battle’

The loyal fans of Saweetie swiftly logged into Twitter to extend their support. One user stated, “White supremacy has Black men in a chokehold. That self-hate is DEEP. very much giving colonialism, Christian white supremacy brainwashing, colorism, and fetish. Saweetie didn't know what to say because his comment was beyond random and cringe.” Another posted, “One thing about GenZ, they gon dig into anything to be mad at…now they mad at #Saweetie for laughing at too short colorism comment…they so furious with her as if she was the one that made the comment. Chile I can’t!”
The next one added, “Nah I don’t think saweetie would say some shi like that. I fell like they just wanna cancel saweetie.” One user tweeted, “Girl don’t let these internet folks tempt you into a battle. They love to stir up division just for the sake of it.” Whereas, one posted, “Y'all trying to start a hate train for my girl Saweetie over Too Short's comment? these people are sick on twitter.” And, another concluded, “Not you all dragging Saweetie instead of attacking the man who instigated everything.








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