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'Save America' trends on social media but Internet isn't sure who from

The phrase seems to be all over social media on the day of the midterm elections
(Representational image - Getty Images/ Hill Street Studios)
(Representational image - Getty Images/ Hill Street Studios)

With the US midterm elections taking place on Tuesday, November 8, a strange trend has overtaken Twitter with people exhorting others to “Save America" - except it's unclear who from. On Monday, a day before the election, President Joe Biden reportedly said, “Today we face an inflection point. We know in our bones that our democracy's at risk and we know that this is your moment to defend it.”

Dr David B Samadi, who is a urologist and also a Newsmax contributor, tweeted, “Get out and vote.  Let's save America.🟥🟥🟥🟥.” Columnist Todd Starnes followed suit and wrote, “Today is the most consequential election of our lifetime. You get a chance to save America.” Another tweet read, “Today is the day Texas. Vote RED all the way Save Texas Save America Your voice…..your vote…..our America #GoRedStateByState.”


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US House candidate Max Miller wrote, “Great way to end the campaign — we are on a mission to Save America and turn our country around! 🇺🇸 🇺🇸” Another user said, “I'm working as a Republican Election Inspector today. GO and VOTE Republican straight down the ballot to save America!!” Someone else wrote, “Good morning, patriots. We do not need to imagine the enemy storming our beaches, they are already here.  VOTE to save America.”




“If Republican voters show up to the polls tomorrow, we win. That simple. Make a plan & GET OUT TO VOTE! Save America!” a person asserted. “We need to SAVE AMERICA tomorrow by voting for patriots who will always put AMERICA FIRST! Biden & the Democrats opened our border, flooded our streets with crime, and destroyed our economy. VOTE REPUBLICAN!” US House candidate Mary Miller said.



Meanwhile, others rooted for the Democratic candidates and hoped for a thumping victory. “THE PEOPLE ARE VOTING!! ITS UP TO US NOW.  YOU AND ME. THE ONES WHO HAVE NOT BEEN CONNED, FOOLED & DELUDED IT US UP TO US TO SAVE AMERICA. NO ONE ELSE WILL NO ONE ELSE WILL RISE UP BLUE!!!!! BLUE TSUNAMI #VoteBlueTomorrow,” a tweet read.


The USA Singers’ Twitter account shared, “Raphael Warnock will beat Herschel Walker John Fetterman will beat Dr. Oz Val Demings will beat Marco Rubio Mark Kelly will beat Blake Masters Mandela Barnes will beat Ron Johnson Beto O'Rourke will beat Greg Abbott There will be a Blue Wave. We will save America. People of America, If there was ever a time to Vote Blue, now is it. Prove the polls wrong, prove the media wrong, prove Putin wrong, prove Elon Musk wrong. Reject fascism, reject greed. Vote Blue to save America. #BlueTsunami2022 #BlueWave2022 #VoteBlueToSaveDemocracy.”





Some did not waste the opportunity to rip into the GOP. “Republicans saying they need to ‘save America’, what are you saving us from exactly? Universal healthcare? A living wage for all workers? Making corporations pay taxes? Reducing the deficit? Equality for all? Yeah that sounds absolutely terrible. Just awful. #VoteBlueIn2022,” a Twitter user asked. Another added, “THE PEOPLE ARE VOTING!! It is up to US! Those of us who have NOT BEEN CONNED, fooled and deluded MUST GET OUT AND SAVE AMERICA NOW!!! And send the BLUE TSUNAMI to the Polls!!! RISE UP BLUE!!!!! #VoteBlueTomorrow.”

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