'We kiss each other where we p**': Silver Silverman's oral sex descripiton too much for The View

The comedian, 51, admitted to the nefarious dental practice while on 'The View'

                            'We kiss each other where we p**': Silver Silverman's oral sex descripiton too much for The View
Sarah Silverman reveals oral habits that stun the hosts of 'The View' (Instagram/theviewabc)

Sarah Silverman has admitted to sharing a toothbrush with her boyfriend Rory Albanese since they started dating in late 2020. During an appearance on 'The View' on Wednesday, May 11, the comedian, 51, admitted to the nefarious dental practice, saying, "I've never shared a toothbrush with another person in my life... but for some with Rory, we've never not used the same toothbrush." The confession astounded the daily hosts, with co-star Sunny Hostin, 53, describing the behavior as "befuddling."

Silverman insisted that she had always had her own toothbrush and didn't see the big issue in sharing one with Albanese. "Why is that so gross? We kiss each other where we pee!" the audience was taken aback by Silverman's remark. "Not everyone does that!" retorted Joy Behar, 79, 'The View' co-star.


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Before Silverman could say any further NSFW remarks, presenter Whoopi Goldberg, 66, was forced to take control of the conversation. "Look, do what you wanna do in your house!" Goldberg stated, before cutting to a commercial break. "My body, my choice!" Silverman made a remark as the show's title music began to play.


Many Twitter users expressed their opinions with the remarks made on 'The View.' One person didn't think it was bad in comparison to sharing it with her dog, and wrote, "It's not like she is sharing it with her dog. It's her boyfriend."


Another user mocking her statement wrote, "Here we see Sarah walking her Boyfriend..."


In October 2020, Silverman revealed her relationship with Albanese, a fellow comedian, publicly. Sarah claimed during an appearance on 'The Howard Stern Show' in November 2020 that the two met while playing online video games together in the early days of the pandemic.


"I started playing Call Of Duty: World War II, which is great because you get to kill Nazis and stuff," Sarah said. "I posted about it and he direct messaged me… and every night, after seven o'clock, we would play," she told Stern. "I've really been trying to correct patterns of just hooking up with a guy and doing two-and-a-half years with him. I just fall in so easily."

When Stern mentioned marriage, Sarah casually answered, "If Rory was someone who was like, 'I need to be married,' then yeah, I'd think about it, I guess." Sarah has dated a number of celebrities in the past, including Jimmy Kimmel, Michael Sheen, and Dave Attell.