Emmys 2019: Sarah Silverman 'falls asleep' during SNL's big win after Fox censors her p***y quote on censorship

Emmys 2019: Sarah Silverman 'falls asleep' during SNL's big win after Fox censors her p***y quote on censorship

Sarah Silverman didn't particularly need to win an Emmy to win the Emmys 2019, and to accomplish that phenomenal feat the comedian just indulged in a little nap instead, especially after Fox managed to do her dirty on the red carpet. 

When NBC's 'Saturday Night Live' was announced as the winner of the Outstanding Variety Sketch Comedy the camera panned to the winners in the audience who rose up from their seats clapping and congratulating each other. But then the camera panned a little to the right and we saw Silverman napping, with her cheek resting against her hand, her elbow propped up on the chair's armrest. The clapping and cheering woke Silverman and we are not sure if it was a real nap  or whether she was just pretending to be asleep because her 'I love America' lost to SNL, but fans took to Twitter to express how her reaction mirrored theirs after hearing SNL win yet again.



This comes after Fox -- the network airing the event -- decided to push the mute button on Silverman’s comments on the comedy scenario today, which she voiced on the red carpet arrival preceding the actual award ceremony on Sunday night. Speaking about today's very prevalent 'cancel culture', which has led to celebrity's getting canceled by fans and viewers for racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs from the past, Silverman ended up using the p worse. Luckily for the network's slightly delayed airing, they were able to censor it out before masses could hear it, but careful lip-reading will let you know what she said. 



“There’s definitely pressure,” Silverman told Kelly Osbourne, about the dos and don'ts of comedy today. “There’s a kind of righteousness porn going on in this cancel culture. There’s a nuance to it. There’s good and there’s bad. As a stand-up, it’s really odd. To talk about what’s really going on or to talk about the world as we decide to see it — or to push to see where the line is and to go past it — is so oddly unacceptable it’s safer to…” followed by the censored out "just make p*ssy jokes."


Speaking about how a hostless Emmys taking away one prime form of comedy via commentary Silverman also said: “It’s an odd time but I hope comedy pushes through."

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