Samuel Olson: Texas EquuSearch founder told Theresa Balboa 'every word is a lie' after hearing her 'story'

Timeline of the Samuel Olson case was a little contorted from the very beginning, says Texas EquuSearch founder Tim Miller

                            Samuel Olson: Texas EquuSearch founder told Theresa Balboa 'every word is a lie' after hearing her 'story'
Theresa Balboa is a key suspect in Samuel Olson's death (Jasper County Sheriff's Office)

HOUSTON, TEXAS: The news of 6-year-old Samuel Olson's death has devastated his family. Theresa Balboa, his father's girlfriend, has been arrested and charged with tampering with physical evidence after a child’s body was found in a motel in Jasper. 

Samuel's father Dalton Olson is grieving the loss of his child and can't fathom why she would harm the child in such a way and why she would allegedly be involved in the disappearance. While he is distraught at the news, there are many others who are calling Balboa out for her alleged lies.


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As per the latest reports, Dalton would have asked Theresa Balboa, "Why? He loved you so much," if he had the chance to. "I do not understand what happened. Why did you, why did you do this?" Olson said. Texas EquuSearch had helped in the search for Samuel despite founder Tim Miller’s gut feelings. "I was not very optimistic this child was ever going to be found," Miller had reportedly said. Miller then went on to reveal how he had doubts regarding the situation from the very get-go. He said it had become clear after his conversations with Balboa.

"I told her, I said, 'I’m so damn disappointed in you'," Miller said, according to the latest report. "I said, 'You know, every word you’re saying is a lie.' And that’s when things started unraveling, I think." The timeline was a little contorted from the very beginning. Apparently, Miller thought so too. He added that it was difficult pinning down the last time family members saw Samuel from the very beginning.

Samuel's paternal grandmother Tonya Olson had reportedly said on Tuesday, June 2, 2021, that "the last person Sam was seen with was Theresa Balboa". As per local reports, Miller was with the Olson family after news broke out that a body was found in a motel. And he described how it was. "I was with that family until about 12.30, after midnight, and it was just devastating over there last night and seeing dad go through all the pain and grief and everything he was going through,” Miller said.

Samuel's biological mother Sarah Olson is heartbroken over the news, and she is desperate to have answers. "All I want is JUSTICE FOR SAMUEL my baby," Sarah said in a statement through her lawyer Marco González.

Theresa Balboa had earlier claimed that she was going "to take Sam to school when his mother showed up with the police officer, or who I was under the impression to be a police officer, and they demanded me to release Sam". Apparently, she handed the young boy to the mother because Sarah and Dalton are embroiled in a custody battle.

"Our client has primary custody, but our client has been denied access for the child for many months," Gonzalez said. "Our client has not had any access to young Samuel in many, many months."

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