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The heartbreaking death of Ruby Grace Edwards: Family shattered after Covid infection had a sting in its tail

The 23-month-old girl tested positive for Covid, which triggered a rare autoimmune condition called Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis
UPDATED JUL 27, 2022
Ruby Grace Edwards (L) became the youngest person to die from Covid (Steven Edwards/Facebook)
Ruby Grace Edwards (L) became the youngest person to die from Covid (Steven Edwards/Facebook)

Twenty-three-month-old Ruby Grace Edwards became the youngest person to fall victim to Covid in Queensland, Australia. The heartbreaking news was announced by the child's father Steven Edwards via a Facebook post that said she died at Brisbane Children's Hospital at 4.21 pm on July 24, just two weeks before her second birthday.

Ruby, who tested positive for Covid on July 14, triggered a rare neurological disease called Acute Hemorrhagic Leukoencephalitis. Her father wrote on Facebook, "She became suddenly unwell, eventually testing positive for COVID. This triggered a rare autoimmune condition, where her immune system, while trying to fight the virus, also attacked her brain, affecting her vital functions." He further wrote, "She fought long and hard but unfortunately, the condition was too aggressive, ruthless and relentless. Thanks to her treatment, we don’t believe she suffered any pain during her fight and was able to leave this world peacefully."


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The father said the family is trying their best to deal with their grief, as he wrote, "It feels like the world is falling apart for us right now, as we prepare for the arrival of our son this Friday [July 29]. This is supposed to be such a happy time where our family would become complete but is now so broken.” Steven, who is currently dealing with Covid, added by saying, "Feel like there is so much more I want to say but my mind is racing everywhere between deep sadness, anger, disbelief, denial, guilt, shame, regret etc."

Steven and his wife Krystal with Ruby (Krystal Edwards/ Facebook)

According to Brisbane Times, Deputy Premier Steven Miles shared his condolences with the family at a press conference on July 27. He said, “Every death is tragic. The death of a child is awfully sad and my heart just goes out to that family and, of course, our health workers who would have done everything that they could to take care of that little child."

A GoFundMe page has been set up by Sarah Watton, who wrote, "I know there are no words to comfort Ruby‘s mum & dad right now as they try their best to navigate through this incredibly tough time so I was hoping to try & help them financially. Any donations, no matter how large or small, would be greatly appreciated; if you aren‘t in a position to donate, could you please share this with your family & friends.” The target goal to help the family was $15,000. However, it has surpassed the goal to reach $18,720.

Covid cases in Queensland

As per Brisbane Times' report, Queensland has recorded 8,209 new cases and 64,011 active cases. There have been 127 flu cases, and 19 Covid-related deaths, with ages from 50 to someone more than 100 years old. As of now, there are 887 patients in public hospitals, including 25 in intensive care, while 136 patients are in private hospitals, including one in intensive care.