Frederic Sinistra: Anti-vaxxer kickboxer dies after calling Covid 'little virus'

After self-treating and discharging himself from the hospital, Frederic Sinistra died due to Covid complications

                            Frederic Sinistra: Anti-vaxxer kickboxer dies after calling Covid 'little virus'
Frederic Sinistra died of Covid (Instagrafred_sinistra/Instagram)

Covid took the life of a kickboxing star who was anti-vaxxer. Frederic Sinistra, more commonly known as 'The Undertaker' in the kickboxing world, died due to complications during his Covid treatment.

The 41-year-old kickboxing star had decided to discharge himself from the hospital while his treatment was still going on and treat himself at home. Some untreatable complications arose at this time while he was in his home in Ciney, Belgium.


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Frederic Sinistra is a three-times world champion. Back in November this year, his coach literally forced him to seek some medical help. The coach refused to train Sinistra if he didn't get himself admitted. The kickboxer sought medical attention and shared pictures of him lying in the hospital bed in the intensive care unit. However, he refused to accept the severity of Covid and called it the 'little virus'.

The death of The Undertaker was announced in a Facebook post which was shared by his partner. Sinistra had earlier shared a video where he was struggling to breathe and he had captioned it by saying, "no time to waste with lazy people." In some other posts that he shared earlier, he signified that the 'little virus' is not something that will come in the way of him and raised objections against the measures authorities are taking for Covid.

It is reported that he was last active on December 13 but two days later, he died of a cardiac arrest which is assumed to be a result of some complications during his fight against Covid.

Covid is again seeing a surge across many countries. The new Omicron variant has actually made WHO, health authorities and governments across the world concerned, especially given the spreading speed of the variant. However, a study revealed that those who are doubly vaccinated suffer only 0.6 cases per 100,000 people per week.

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