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Eric Clapton says Covid-19 jab shook his immune system, trolls say damage done by heroin

Eric Clapton detailed his experience about taking Covid-19 vaccine and said that it was a 'frightening' experience that shook his immune system
UPDATED JUN 14, 2021
Eric Clapton said Covid-19 vaccine messed up his health (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Eric Clapton said Covid-19 vaccine messed up his health (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Legendary guitarist Eric Clapton, who has already taken the second jab of Covid-19 vaccine, recently shared his horrifying experience of the side effects. In an exclusive interview, the 76-year-old musician shed light on how taking the vaccine proved to be a bad decision as it completely shook his immune system.

Prior to his latest interview with Oracle, the award-winning singer-songwriter had also detailed his experience to his friend Robin Monotti Graziadei with the help of a letter in May 2021. The letter verified by The Rolling Stone stated how he felt sick for 10 days after getting his first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, adding that he was offered the second shot only six weeks later when it was supposed to be 12 weeks. “Needless to say the reactions were disastrous, my hands and feet were either frozen, numb or burning, and pretty much useless for two weeks.” There have been a lot of controversies recently concerned with the Covid-19 vaccination. While many support the jab, others are coming out as anti-vaxxers

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‘It was very frightening’

In his latest interview with Oracle as shared by a thread on Twitter, the British crooner recalled his experience of the Covid-19 vaccine saying, “After taking the jab, I was shaking like a leaf and I went to bed early and I couldn’t get up at all. I thought I was running a fever. I was boiling hot and sweaty and then I was cold.” He further stated, “I realized I should not have gone for the first jab but by the time I realized it I already got the second. And, it got really bad. It is very very frightening as you are not aware when is it gonna wear off.” Clapton further said, “I wasn’t able to play my guitar or touch it at all,” concluding, “The vaccine took my immune system and just shook it around again. And that’s still going on.”

In a letter written to his friend in May, the singer had also revealed that he suffered from peripheral neuropathy adding that he should not have taken the vaccination shot. Clapton had also recorded a song on Covid-19 in 2019 with fellow rocker Van Morrison. The track called ‘Stand and Deliver’ spoke about the skepticism over the global pandemic lockdown and the lyrics were, “You let them put the fear on you, stand and deliver/ But not a word you heard was true, But if there's nothing you can say/ There may be nothing you can do.”

Eric Clapton performs onstage during Music For The Marsden 2020 at The O2 Arena on March 3, 2020, in London, England (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)



‘Reminder that Eric Clapton is a piece of s**t’

Clapton, who has time and again courted controversies for his racist remarks in the past, again got crucified on Twitter for his recent interview. There were a few who extended their support but a majority of them ended up dragging him for the same. One user said, “Holy fuck they almost killed Eric Clapton. Lost use of his hands for a month.” Another slammed him and posted, “Eric Clapton is such a profound disappointment. That much talent stuffed into a racist, science denying, propaganda spewing skin suit. Hundreds of thousands of people are dead, but angry old white man needs to yell at cloud. Enough already.” One said, "So the vaccine has reset a former junkie's immune system to prepare it to resist a deadly virus. He has a few side effects, so what? Did anyone ask Clapton if it was worse than coming off heroin?" One more said, "Omg give me a break. The man snorted heroin non stop for 3 yrs! The damage was done long ago."
The next one supported him and said, “I LOVE the courage and the honesty that Eric Clapton brings in this interview. My whole life, I have admired his musicianship. I'm simply in awe of the truth that he speaks here. People need to come TOGETHER. Political parties don't matter. Truth matters, and he brings it!” However, it all went downhill for him later. One user tweeted, “Oh, and here comes Eric Clapton being a tit again. ‘I had the vaccine, felt ill for a bit, and now I’m an anti-vaxxer’.” One said, “If Eric Clapton can’t play guitar ever again that’s just more reasons to love the COVID vaccines.” Another added, “Reminder that Eric Clapton is a piece of shit, racist, and at level best a mediocre guitarist. So I now have to listen to him ramble incoherently about vaccines as well? Fuck Eric Clapton. He sucked in the 70s and he sucks now. Also, he sucks.” One concluded, “Eric Clapton took the vaccine and went from being an ok guitar player to a shitty one.”

Musician Eric Clapton attends the British Formula One Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit on July 6, 2014, in Northampton, United Kingdom (Dan Istitene/Getty Images)