'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Finale: #Malex scene has viewers 'satisfied', fans hope Season 3 comes soon

'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Finale: #Malex scene has viewers 'satisfied', fans hope Season 3 comes soon
Alex and Michael (The CW)

Spoilers for 'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2

The finale episode of one of The CW's most loved shows, titled 'Mr Jones', had fans wanting Season 3 now. A graceful episode with some drama and much reconciliation, we saw Maria DeLuca and Michael Guerin breakup, Liz Ortecho leave for California without Max Evans, Kyle Valenti finally able to see Steph healthy, Rosa Ortecho tell her mother, Helena, she loves her and last but not least get introduced to Max's bearded doppelganger, Mr Jones. While a lot happened in the episode, the finale was not only able to tie up all loose ends from previous cliffhangers but was also able to introduce a completely new one keeping fans on their toes.

"I’m satisfied with the ending of #RoswellNM s2. But I have no idea how I’m going to wait an undetermined amount of time for s3," tweeted a fan while another one wrote, "Omg watching the season finale of #RoswellNM and I already know I need season 3 now  I love this show so much @CWRoswellNM love you all." Unfortunately, fans were upset that there was no set date for the release of season 3 as one sad fan tweeted, "@CWRoswellNM #RoswellNM’s Season 2 finale on @TheCW is done. I wonder how many years it will be until Season 3 ... 2, 3, 4, more? If #theCW had any brains; they'd start shooting Season 3 tomorrow. But I suspect they don't & they won't."

"#RoswellNM can’t wait for season 3 just wish we didn’t have to wait so long for it ! Also I hope it renewed for more seasons," tweeted a fan.

"I need Season 3 to start tomorrow. Please and thank you. #RoswellNM," tweeted another.

When we told you that #Malex shippers don't rest, we meant it. While Michael and Maria broke up, we're sure everyone was hoping Micahel would run to Alex because they are both clearly n love. Unfortunately, the episode saw Michael tell Isobel that it's not his and Alex's time yet but he too thinks it will be giving fans hope that we can see a #Malex future in season 3. One fan tweeted, "OH MY GOD. THAT SONG WAS STUNNING. But Michael why did you go?... season 3 can't come fast enough !!! @CWRoswellNM #RoswellNM."


While most fans hoped for #Malex, it doesn't mean #Forlex isn't a thing. The end of the finale episode saw Alex finally kiss Forrest may be threatening his possible reunion with Michael. But this was a long time coming. "Okay, so I straight up loved that #roswellnm finale. I'm pretty upset though that there's going to be a time jump at the start of season 3. I don't want the start of #forlex to be bypassed. We waited too long to not get to see any of the development," tweeted a fan. But replies to this tweet kept shipping #Malex. "At least we know that a little more than a year from now malex will be together at the end of season 3 #RoswellNM," replied a fan.

"Excellent episode! I was sad that Michael left in the middle of the song without saying anything. Alex looked heartbroken when he realized it but I know we’re in a good place for season 3..And Alex looked happy.... #Malex #RoswellNM" tweeted a fan while another posted, "This is The scene that is going to keep me alive till season 3 #roswellnm #Malex #malexisendgame"

A fan summed up the finale as best as they could tweeting for a hopeful Season 3, "Right we got miluca break up, malex being confirmed soulmates, isobel looking sexy as usual, what i’m taking as canon bisexual jenna, alex finally being out and proud and happy, jesse dead, greg being the best brother and a hopeful ending for season 3 malex i’m happy #roswellnm"


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