'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Episode 11 Review: [Spoiler] and Flint Manes revealed as partners of Deep Sky

Among the now three fast-paced episodes, this may have been our favorite as the narrative almost forced character development (in a good way)

                            'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Episode 11 Review: [Spoiler] and Flint Manes revealed as partners of Deep Sky
Amber Midthunder and Lily Cowles (The CW)

Spoilers for 'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Episode 11 'Linger'

There has been a lot going on in Roswell this season, and like the past two episodes, this wasn't any less of a jarring one. While the main part of the episode was focused on Michael Guerin (Michael Vlamis) searching for Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn), we were also shown how Deigo's (Cleo Anthony) presence affects Max Evans (Nathan Parsons) and Liz Ortecho's (Jeanine Mason) relationship, how Max and Kyle Valenti (Michael Trevino) uncover secrets about Flint Manes (Kiowa Gordon), and how Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles) visits Rosa Ortecho (Amber Midthunder) in rehab to help her heal but Rosa finds something about Helena Ortecho (Bertila Damas), her mother, as well.

Diego has been in Roswell since the last episode and had stayed behind to continue to help Liz out. Liz's father Arturo Ortecho (Carlos Compean) was detained last week and Diego had helped get him out of jail. In this episode, we were taken back to the times when Liz and Deigo were together and how he supported her work and in the present, he still seems to be interested in her research. It was also lucky that he was there as ICE ended up paying a visit to the diner just to patronize Liz about her father's lack of immigration papers. As she stood up to the two police officers exercising her rights, the reality of the situation currently taking place in the real world is well paralleled. There are many people that connect to the way Roswell has helped raise awareness about injustice and corruption in the police force and immigration.

Jeanine Mason and Cleo Anthony (The CW)

Liz has been keeping her current research away from her man, Max, because she is using alien DNA to help cure Kyle Valenti's girlfriend who has been suffering from a blood disease. Liz believes if she's able to cure Kyle's girlfriend, it would open up the scope of new possibilities to help other illnesses. Max on the other hand, who's part of the pod squad fears his girlfriend's research might fall into the wrong hands, which would expose the aliens she knows and loves. Liz begs him to trust her because the information is in her hands when they are interrupted with a much more urgent issue.

Jenna Cameron (Riley Voelkel) had found out that her sister, Charlie (Jamie Clayton), was released from prison but Jesse also reveals to Jenna that people are interested in the research that Charlie has been doing about bioweapons. While Charlie may be hiding from a group of people called Deep Sky, Jenna was taken and drugged by the group to lure Charlie out. Now, with the recent abductions going on in Roswell, Max uses Kyle's help to figure things out. Previous episodes had revealed that Jenna was injected with a memory-erasing drug called butyricol that Max and Kyle find out is correlated with Flint Manes, Alex's brother. Not to mention, Max had also found the family box that Helena Ortecho had taken when she had left, in Flint's garbage. This was when Rosa and Isobel revealed to Max and Liz that while they think that Helena was also kidnapped, that might not be true. Turns out that Flint Manes and Helena and working together.

Amber Midthunder (The CW)

Michael had gone from beating up Jesse Manes and his son, Flint, to get them to tell him where Alex was taken. Flint holds Michael pretty much a hostage as Flint tells him that if Michael doesn't do what he is asked, Alex dies. Flint considers Alex a traitor as he has given his life to make sure the earth is rid of aliens. Michael's adoration for Alex was showcased heavily in this episode, which fans would say is a long time coming. Although, his anger at the fact that he can't find Alex gets him in touch with Flint and Helena. The end of the episode shows Helena stab Michael with a drug that would stop him from using telekinetics, she wants him to build her a bomb instead. We wonder if Flint's need to "fight for" his species and "destroy the aliens" will end up with either Michael's or Alex's death. We hope it doesn't, but since Flint used Alex to get to Michael, what is their agenda after Alex builds Helena the bomb? Will they be stabbed with butyricol? This episode brought up a lot of possible interesting scenarios, making it an interesting watch for OG fans.

This episode revealed a lot of information bringing Flint and Helena into the picture. We had said that the Ortecho mama will be back when she left Roswell a few episodes ago, we were right. She had caused a lot of havoc at that time, ending up with Rosa spiraling on drugs but now, her aim seems to be far off her family - well, at least not directly. Among the now three fast-paced episodes, this may have been our favorite as the narrative almost forced character development (in a good way). We saw Micheal intensely fight for Alex, Rosa is back in Roswell and is getting closer to Isobel, and Max and Liz have finally brought up the talk that could mean disaster for their relationship. While the episode focused on Michael and Alex for the most part, the secondary stories tied to it in the end, like always. We think right now, its the help of the various secondary narratives that is making this show worth the watch.

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