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'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Episode 10: Fans rally behind ICE narrative, say Liz's 'terror is very real'

In this scene, Liz explained to Jenna how she has feared this day for her entire life, even as a child telling her parents not to give Santa their address
Carlos Compean and Jeanine Mason (The CW)
Carlos Compean and Jeanine Mason (The CW)

Spoilers for 'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 Episode 10 'American Woman'

This episode was one heck of a rollercoaster ride with Alex Manes (Tyler Blackburn), Isobel Evans (Lily Cowles), Max Evans (Nathan Parsons), Michael Guerin(Michael Vlamis) and Maria Deluca (Heather Hemmens) making their way to a reservation where Alex's mother had grown up to find answers. While the answers were exactly what we needed, the series took a leap of faith and exposed the vulnerability of immigrants residing in the United States with no official papers.

We were shown their fear, their need to be heard and sometimes, the utter lack of respect they are given. Fans appreciated that the series brought an issue so prominent to the forefront. "Real talk: The ICE terror that Liz described is a very real, daily thing that a lot of people suffer in this country, specially kids. Good for #RoswellNM to tackle that head-on," tweeted one user. "This ICE storyline is breaking my heart. It breaks my heart irl as well #RoswellNM," tweeted another fan.

While in the hospital to visit Jenna Cameron (Riley Voelkel), Liz Ortecho's (Jeanine Mason) father Arturo Ortecho (Carlos Compean) was detained by ICE, enforcing protocol that was unnecessary. From them ignoring that Arturo was diabetic and even not allowing him to wear a jacket, we see the lack of respect when people are detained. In this scene, Liz explained to Jenna how she has feared this day for her entire life, even as a child telling her parents not to give Santa their address.

The pure vulnerability we are shown by Liz is reflective of a lot of very real families suffering awful fates while under the care of ICE. Liz also mentioned the members in the White House — people that have been the face of the controversial issue. How much more awareness do we need for these families to be heard? "The ICE storyline is so good @itsjeaninemason is flawless the raw emotion #RoswellNM," tweeted another user. "LOVING this ICE storyline. It’s one that needs to be told a lot more because so many families struggle with it. I just love the representation in this show #RoswellNM," tweeted a viewer.

Jeanine Mason (The CW)

Unable to visit him, Liz also makes her way to the office building to at least give her father the medications he needed. While in there, she recited the names of individuals who have lost their lives under the care of officials — again, the reality stings hard. The relatable aspect of this series has always been impressive, and now, in a time where a pandemic has been scaring the world, the health of people in custody needs to be brought into consideration. "SAY THEIR NAMES! Liz listing the names of the people who died in in ICE custody is so important and makes me proud to be a viewer of #RoswellNM," tweeted another fan in support.

'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 2 airs on Monday nights on The CW at 9/8c.