'Roswell, New Mexico': Episode 3 promo reveals Liz is investigating Max over her sister, Rosa's death

She discovers the imprints which Max had left on her chest, were also present on her sister's body at the time of her death

                            'Roswell, New Mexico': Episode 3 promo reveals Liz is investigating Max over her sister, Rosa's death

The CW reboot is taking a whole new look at the '90s iconic cult classic, 'Roswell'. Drawing inspiration from the original book, 'Roswell High' by Melinda Metz, the show stars Jeanine Mason as Liz Ortecho, Nathan Parsons as Max Evans, Michael Vlamis as Michael, Heather Hemmens as Maria De Luca, and Lily Cowells as Isobel Evans. As Heather Hemmens pointed out in her interview with MEAWW, the reboot takes a look at the plight of aliens in the tiny town of Roswell, where discrimination continues to be relevant even in changing times. 

The first two episodes of the Julie Plec-produced show has already established the tumultuous situation Liz and Max find themselves in when Max discloses his secret identity to her. His siblings Isobel and Michael clearly do not approve of his relationship with Liz as they are scared she might betray him, and it seems their fear will materialize sooner than expected.

Episode 2, titled 'So Much for the Afterglow', which aired January 22, revealed the fact that Max knew something about Liz's sister, Rosa's, death. In the flashbacks he shows to Liz by simply touching her, we get a vision of Max and Rosa getting into a fistfight. However, while viewing the flashback, Liz notices Rosa had the words "a fraudulent zodiac" written on her hand.

Initially, Liz assumed Rosa probably had it written on her hand just for the sake of it, but her best friend, Maria had something else to say. She confessed to Liz that the words were taken from Rosa's favorite song, 'God of Wine', which she was listening to on the night she died.


Liz was at once taken aback since, on that very night, Max too was with Rosa. Her pursuit to find the truth about her sister's death sees her encountering some extremely uncomfortable truths about Max. She discovered the imprints which Max had left on her chest were also present on her sister's body at the time of her death.

Liz was determined to find out why Max would not give her the complete truth, and this is where Episode 3, titled 'Tearing Up My Heart', will pick up from. In the promo trailer released by The CW, we see Liz conducting her own set of investigations on Max. 


We hear her saying, "Max lied to my face about the last time he saw Rosa alive," as the trailer reveals her putting a lie detector on Max. However, it is probably not a good idea to make Max go through the test, since Liz is already being suspected as a threat to him by both Isobel and Michael. In the second half of the promo trailer, we see Isobel approaching Liz and commanding her to leave Roswell as soon as she can. What will Liz do? Will she fearlessly continue her investigation on the man she loves? Or will she accept defeat and leave? We will find out when the show returns to The CW January 29.

Check out Hemmens' interview below.

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