'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 1 Episode 2: Max's place as the hero of the story is seriously questionable

Everything we saw pointed toward Max being involved in Rosa's death, but there might be a greater reason behind all this

                            'Roswell, New Mexico' Season 1 Episode 2: Max's place as the hero of the story is seriously questionable

'Roswell: New Mexico' wasn't off to a great start but the show surely picked up its pace in Episode 2. After Max (played by Nathan Parsons) revealed to Liz (played by Jeanine Mason) his identity as an extraterrestrial being, Liz was avoiding him for some time. When she finally confronts him to express her feelings for him, Liz comes across an uncomfortable truth that has put her in a dilemma regarding Max. 

Starring Nathan Parsons (as Max Evans), Jeanine Mason (as Liz Ortecho), Lily Cowels (as Isobel), and Michael Vlamis (as Michael), The CW reboot has picked up its story straight from the original novel 'Roswell High' by Melinda Metz. Unlike the original '90s show, 'Roswell', the reboot is re-imagining the story with its characters all grown up and facing some serious real-world adult problems.

We can say Liz's problems have only begun and she received a glimpse of it when people in town began to hate her deceased sister, Rosa. However, Liz continues to believe Rosa was a lot more than an addict. She sought Max's guidance to help her recollect the memories of Rosa on her 10th death anniversary. 


This is where things begin to get uncomfortable for both Liz and Max. Although Max does help her look into the past so she can collect her sister's memories, he conceals a big secret from her. Liz soon finds out her sister did not just die of an accident, she was actually killed. She discovered Rosa had the same hand-print on her mouth that Liz had on her chest, exactly the place where Max had touched her.

We also get a glimpse from the past where Rosa is seen fighting Max who is trying his best to defend himself. Does that mean Max might have something to do with Rosa's death? We do hear Liz taking a vow of avenging her sister's death even if that means hurting Max.


Max's character has been in a moral crisis. He does sleep with his colleague in spite of confessing his feelings for Liz, and blatantly lies to her face when she asks him about the last time he saw Rosa. This is the part that will come under focus when Episode 3 is released January 29. The promo trailer of the episode, titled 'Tearing Up My Heart', reveals Liz conducting her own set of secret investigations on Max. She is quite determined to find out what went down between him and her sister and has already decided she would not leave Roswell without knowing the truth. 


We also get a glimpse of Isobel threatens Liz asking her to leave Roswell. In Episode 2, Michael and Isobel, Max's siblings, already told her if she were to ever reveal their truth, they would kill her. However, chances are Liz will not leave Roswell and maybe she will find out the truth behind Max's questionable relation to her sister.

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