Who is Rose Bly? Missing girl Summer Wells' aunt ALSO mysteriously vanished in 2009

Rose Bly, Summer Wells' aunt, went missing from Wisconsin in 2009 and was never found

                            Who is Rose Bly? Missing girl Summer Wells' aunt ALSO mysteriously vanished in 2009
Rose Bly, who has been missing for 10 years, is the aunt of Summer Wells (FBI/ Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

POLK COUNTY, TENNESSEE: An Amber Alert was issued for Summer Moon-Utah Wells, 5, from Rogersville, Tennesse, when she reportedly went missing from the basement of her home on June 15. But recent reports say that Summer wasn't the first member of her family to have vanished.

On June 27, investigators were looking for the driver of a Toyota pickup truck seen in the rural Hawkins County area where the 5-year-old was last seen. However, the child remains missing. Unfortunately, the number of missing children instances has been increasing across the country. For instance, Ryan Larsen, 11, an autistic child, went missing from his Nebraska home last month.


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Angel Overstreet, a three-month-old baby, went missing from her West Virginia home on May 1. The police have not yet located her and are currently scouring the pond on her father's property, expecting the worst. But in the newest development in Summer's case, news outlets revealed that the child's aunt, Rose Bly, also went missing and was never found.

Rose Bly went missing from Wisconsin in 2009 (FBI)

Who is Rose Bly?

Rose Marie Bly is the sister of Summer's mother Candus Bly. Rose was last seen in St Croix Falls in Wisconsin before she vanished on August 21, 2009, according to the FBI. The website describes her as a 5', 110 pounds brunette with a tattoo of two red cherries on her right ankle, and ear and navel piercings.

Rose was last seen leaving her home in St Croix Falls, Wisconsin, and driving five miles to Cushing, Wisconsin. Her automobile was found five days later in Grantsburg, Wisconsin, at a parking area where truckers normally park their tractor-trailers. This parking lot is around 30 kilometers away from her home. She was 21 years old when she disappeared.


“I don’t know all of what happened or what did happen, but I hope that they find her, too,” Candus Bly told Daily Beast. “It makes no sense at all, how can people just vanish and not be heard from or seen without a trace? It’s very devastating.” Summer's father Donald Wells says Rose's disappearance haunts him when he thinks about Summer. “When you see cases like that, that’s why I lose hope in Summer,” Donald told WJHL. “I want to keep hope, but sometimes I just lose hope and I think, ‘Well, maybe we’ll never see her again.”

On the 10th anniversary of her disappearance, the Polk County Sheriff's Office released a film on the case in the hopes of gaining fresh information regarding Rose's whereabouts, the news outlet reported. The sheriff said the office got some calls about Rose after Summer's disappearance. 


“To reinvigorate our case because we’ve never given up on this case,” Polk County Sheriff Brent Waak said. “It’s an active investigation, it’s always been an active investigation and we really produced the media, in hopes of generating the conversation and stimulating people’s memory and in hopes that we get a big break in the case.”

Candus' mother and Summer's grandma, Candace Harer, testified to authorities about her daughter's disappearance in a police-produced film. “With a missing child, there’s a hole in your heart that can’t be filled. And it’s just an impossible journey every day to wake up and wonder where she is to try to figure out where my daughter is. It’s just horrible, it’s not a good feeling. I wish I knew where she was,” she said in the video.

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