'Rock The Block': How did Leslie and Lyndsay begin their journey of renovating houses?

'Rock The Block': How did Leslie and Lyndsay begin their journey of renovating houses?
Leslie and Lyndsay (HGTV)

Twin sisters Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis have made quite a name for themselves in the real estate business and host in one of HGTV's shows titled 'Unsellable Houses.' The twin sisters are back with a second season of the hit series titled 'Rock the Block.' 

'Rock the Block' will be premiering on Monday on HGTV. These real estate agents have proof of how far they have come after being discovered five years ago in a YouTube video rocking to Taylor Swift songs while shuttling clients in a VW van. Who knew that the groovy 1963 and '75 Volkswagen buses driven by Leslie Davis and Lyndsay Lamb would contribute to their stellar success in real estate? If you want to know more about the journey of these twin sisters, then continue reading. If you are a real estate lover, then you can binge on other HGTV shows like 'Moving for Love' and 'House with History.' 


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Lyndsay and Leslie's real estate career began when one of their goofy videos caught the eyes of the producers of HGTV. Leslie said, "We put it out for everyone to enjoy, kinda like Carpool Karaoke, and they saw one of those and the contacted us and said you guys look like fun." After shooting a pilot, Lyndsay and Leslie were given a 10 episode of 1st season for their show titled 'Unsellable Houses.'

The twin sisters may know a lot about things related to real estate, but they have to learn fast when it comes to shooting reality tv. Leslie exclaimed," Oh my word, I had no idea how many hours, of my gosh. Like 20 minutes of a show and we filmed 5000 hours of filming. It's insane! You grind them out. These houses overlap each other, so we put in a lot of hours to burst out a season."

The sisters have the work cut out for them, Lyndsay handles the design and renovation while Leslie deals with the negotiation and number crunching. The twin sisters' are confident and have the ability to sell even the most unwanted properties after making the necessary renovations. Moreover, they made a name for themselves in the Pacific Northwest region with Lamb Real Estate's business. Their ability and talent forced HGTV to approach them for taking their marketing and sales chops on national television, an offer which they couldn't refuse. 

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