Who is Robert Morss? FBI arrests Pennsylvania man with fully constructed Capitol lego set

Morss was picked up by the FBI on June 11 and had amongst other things three firearms, military fatigues, and steps to create a hometown militia

                            Who is Robert Morss? FBI arrests Pennsylvania man with fully constructed Capitol lego set
Robert Morss during his time with the US Army (Twitter) and him pictured during the Jan 6 insurrection (FBI)

As the FBI continues to build its case against those involved in the January 6 insurrection, we learn more and more each day about the insurrectionists. On July 6, we learned that one of those involved  - Robert Morss - had a fully constructed Lego set of the US Capitol amongst other things when he was arrested. The evidence could be used to indicate that the insurrection was a clearly planned event, not a random one as some Republicans have claimed.

As one of the most important events of the Trump presidency, the insurrection has seen over 500 people charged, with plenty others yet to be caught. In late June, Anna Morgan-Lloyd was handed a sentence of 40 hours of community service, after acknowledging Biden was the "leader of our country". She isn't the only one who has flipped in the face of a huge sentence. In mid-May, we reported that Proud Boys 'sergeant-at-arms' Ethan Nordean denounced Trump in an expletive-laden Telegram message. 


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Nonetheless, Republicans are keen to maintain the lie that January 6 never happened. The GOP has been spreading numerous lies about the events of the day, refusing to acknowledge that it was planned, or intended despite evidence to the contrary. The arrest of Morss further indicates the truth, as he was caught with some chilling evidence by cops on June 11.

Video footage shows Robert Morss inside the capitol during the Jan 6 insurrection (FBI)


Who is Robert Morss?

A resident of Glenshaw, Pennslyvania, Morss served in the US Army. According to his LinkedIn profile, Morss was an infantryman stationed at the Joint Base Lewis-McChord, in Washington. Following his graduation from Spanish Springs High School in Sparks, Nevada, Morss enlisted in the army in 2011. During his service, he served three tours in Afghanistan reportedly with the 2nd Ranger Battalion. He then decided to change tracks, and pursue teaching. 

In 2016, Morss enrolled at Pennsylvania State University, where he became actively involved in politics. Morss served as chairman of the Bull-Moose Party, where he claimed he wanted to "make America great again". Reportedly, he handed out flyers of then-candidate Trump during an October 2016 meeting where he was sworn in.

After graduating from Penn State, Morss worked as a substitute social studies teacher in Shaler Area School District. It was during this role he was arrested, after being one of the many people who marched into the US Capitol with an intention to overturn democracy. According to his arrest warrant, Morss was seen numerous times in footage from the day, dressed in full military gear, with a signature red MAGA hat.

Robert Morss seen in CCTV footage during the January 6 insurrection in military gear (FBI)


Morss involvement in insurrection, arrest

The warrant says Morss was involved "in the violent attack on officers inside the Lower West Terrace tunnel." At another time, he is seen in footage attempting to wrestle a baton away from a police officer, albeit unsuccessfully. He can also be heard telling officers, "you guys are betraying us. You get paid enough to betray your people?" and "this is our Capitol." Eventually, he was identified and arrested for his role in the riots.

Court records from his arrest reveal that at the time of his arrest, Morss was caught with several worrying items. He had in his possession military fatigues, a "Don't tread on me" flag, a military utility backpack, and a black tourniquet. More concerning, however, was the fact the police confiscated three guns, a fully reconstructed US Capitol lego set, and a notebook. In the book, Morss had a step-by-step guide to creating a "hometown militia", as revealed by The Smoking Gun. The guide included battle drills, formations, and ambush techniques, as well as notes on assault rifles and body armor. 

Based on the items collected, prosecutors argued on July 2 Morss should continue to be held in pre-trial detention. Following his arrest, Morss was fired by the school district. It is unclear where he is being held as of now. He will be tried in federal court in Washington DC, along with the over 500 others arrested. 

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