'Riverdale': KJ Apa reveals cast has signed on for three more years of The CW series

We don't know if all of them will be in the coming episodes, considering the death count in the small town increases every season

                            'Riverdale': KJ Apa reveals cast has signed on for three more years of The CW series
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If you've watched 'Riverdale' since Season 1 and were struck by the audacity of the show - in a good way that is - we have some great news for you. Your favorite cast will be on screen for three more years! We don't know if all of them will be in the coming episodes, considering the death count in the small town increases every season.

The characters, now in their senior year of high school, were thought to have their time run out after graduation but it seems they'll be mingling long after they receive their diplomas. KJ Apa, the man behind the determined boxer Archie Andrews, revealed in an interview with  Los Angeles Times that he will be on the show for the next three years.

Los Angeles Times reported that "though he wouldn’t get into the specifics of his contract — which he said is the same for all of the show’s leads — Apa said he’ll be on 'Riverdale' for the next three years." He also further spoke of his future as an actor saying, “All of us want to shoot movies. I think we’re all, in a way, craving to work on other things because we’re stuck in Vancouver on the show. Which is great — we all love working on the show. But we’re all craving something else to bite into. It’s awesome that we can do that too, because I don’t know if that’s common that a lot of TV actors can funnel into film that easily. I was always kind of scared of that, like, ‘Man, I hope I can shoot movies because I don’t want to be pegged as Archie for the rest of my life.’”

Lili Reinhart and Cole Sprouse on 'Riverdale' (The CW)

Of course, we understand, but as fans, we're glad that the show may go up to Season 7. Let's not forget contract negotiations, but we'll deal with that when and if it gets there. From the likes of a red-headed floating body on Sweetwater River to the unfailing secret society's murder secrets, 'Riverdale' has kept us entertained for years. Now, as we wait for the next month to see how many more mysteries and deaths come our way, we wonder how the narrative will unfold in the coming three years.

While we're hoping the recently 'resurrected' Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) and Archie graduate as per Veronica Lodge's (Camila Mendes) and Betty Cooper's (Lili Reinhart) promise, what comes after for them? Faking his death may have gotten him to the crux of a mystery of a secret society's fondness of blood, but also lost him his spot at Yale - which then was offered to Betty, his girlfriend. We don't know if Betty accepted it yet, so maybe Jughead has a chance?

Betty's dream is to go to Yale, but she wouldn't take that opportunity from Jughead. Will Betty take over her mother's business? With all the murder news 'Riverdale' can conjure up in a day, the reporting business will never of out of style. As for Jughead, it was reported that FP Jones (Skeet Ulrich) is leaving the show, so who'll be taking care of Jellybean (Trinity Likins), Jughead's sister?

Lili Reinhart and Hart Denton in 'Riverdale' (The CW)

Not to mention, Charles Smith (Wyatt Nash), Betty and Jughead's half brother is in cahoots with Chic (Hart Denton), the fake Jason Blossom (Trevor Stines) that Penelope Blossom (Nathalie Boltt) was fond of and the man behind the gargoyle mask. Are they lovers? Charles also now knows all the murderous secrets that the core four have endured, but is he to be trusted? Is he somehow collecting evidence?

Archie, on the other hand, has an opportunity to make it to the naval academy, courtesy his mother's girlfriend, but will he be to leave the town his late father Fred Andrews (late Luke Perry) help build? Can he leave behind or shut down the family business? Will Frank Andrews (Ryan Robbins), Fred's brother come back after the whole Ted Bishop fiasco? If Frank does come back and take over the business with the little trust that the Andrews might have in him, Archie might have a chance to leave 'Riverdale.'

KJ Apa and Camila Mendes in 'Riverdale' (The CW)

Meanwhile, Veronica's father has been battling a neurodegenerative disease and her sister, Hermosa Lodge (Mishel Prada), who although helped solve Donna's identity crisis, is hell-bent on an agenda we can't seem to figure out. Will she leave the dreaded town to live a calmer life, or will Veronica follow Archie? We would speculate that after making sure her man was out of prison where he was bait, she wouldn't leave him now. If she does, we would assume that Hermosa would take over the business, which seems to be part of her plan anyway. Veronica's mother  Hermione Lodge (Marisol Nichols) is also leaving the show, so what do we make of a teenager with a sick father and a mother that isn't there?

There are so many questions, we're waiting for answers!

Hopefully, we will still be entertained by the likes of the thorn edged town for three more seasons.