Rishi Rambaran: Arizona dad wanted to arrest principal for forcing son to quarantine

Rishi Rambaran: Arizona dad wanted to arrest principal for forcing son to quarantine
Rishi Rambaran at the Mesquite Elementary School. (@vivacoffeehouse/Instagram)

TUSCON, ARIZONA: Over 2,932 people have died from Covid-19, bringing the total death count to over 664,000, and that is the tally on September 2. Yet, there are still many people going around battling mask and vaccine mandates, especially in schools. On September 2, Tuscon Police had to arrest Arizona man Rishi Rambaran for not just opposing masks, but also ambushing the principal of his child's school. According to reports, Rambaran and two friends marched into the school and attempted to arrest the principal after his son was asked to mask up and quarantine, due to possible exposure to Covid-19.

Rambaran's antics are far from the craziest some Americans have resorted to in recent days. On August 31, an elementary school in Sarasota, Flordia was locked down, after a threatening call from parent Christopher Kivlin. Days before, a California man launched into a homophobic rant, threatened an employee and exposed himself after being denied service for not wearing a mask at a store in Campbell. Things have also turned very deadly. In June, we reported on the death of a cashier by Victor Lee Tucker, who got into a shootout over a store's mask policy in DeKalb County, Georgia.


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Thankfully, it appears no one was injured by Rambaran's actions, with the police responding swiftly. It is believed his son may have been exposed to Covid-19 and was asked to quarantine by the principal of Mesquite Elementary School. However, not only did Rambaran refuse, but he decided to make a scene, saying the principal was "breaking the law". As it turns out, Rambaran was the one breaking the law and was reportedly arrested on suspicion of trespassing.

The Mesquite Elementary School in Tuscon, Arizona. (Mesquite Elementary School/Facebook)

Who is Rishi Rambaran?

Little is known about Rambaran, who doesn't appear to have a social media presence. We could not find a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn page for the 40-year-old. We know he has a son, who is a student of Mesquite Elementary School. Beyond that, we could only find an August 12, 2016 filing for bankruptcy in the name Rishi Clifford Rambaran. Further details about the bankruptcy were not available.

We do know a bit more about his friend, Kelly Walker who accompanied Rambaran to the school and live-streamed the incident on Instagram. Walker is the co-owner of Viva Coffee House, and a local marketing strategist and copywriter. He is a father of five, and home schools all his children. Walker's coffee shop is well known for hosting right-wing extremists like Dinesh D'Souza under its 'Freedom Talk' project. 

Rishi Rambaran speaks to Kelly Walker at the Viva Coffee House in Tuscon, Arizona. (Viva Coffee House/Instagram)

Why did Rambaran want to arrest principal?

Reportedly, Rambaran's son was told by the Pima County Health Department to quarantine, after he was found to have been in close contact with someone who tested positive for the virus at school. The child was reportedly pulled from class and taken to the nurse's station and made to wear a mask. Rambaran claims in Walker's video that his son was forced to take the mask out of a garbage can and wear it after he threw it in. "I am going to file charges against them," Rambaran claimed. Walker's live stream began outside the school, where he showed off "law enforcement grade zip ties", and said they were going to call the Sheriff and "if necessary do a citizen’s arrest." Principal Diane Vargo then took the men into her office, where she is told that she is breaking the law by asking Rambaran's son to quarantine. 

"I came here to tell you that this is not going to happen. My son is not going to be sent home. He is not going to be quarantined. My son will go back to class," Rambaran can be heard saying. Vargo then asks them to leave, but they refuse, leading the school to call the police. The men eventually leave, shortly before the police arrive. The police arrested him about two hours later but did not reveal if Walker and the other man were also arrested. 

Rambaran was later released by the police, but Sgt. Richard Gradillas of the Tucson Police Department told The Daily Beast more arrests "could be made." Rambaran's son wasn't the only person asked to quarantine. Since July 20,  more than 4,000 people have been asked to isolate in Pima County, where 1,413 cases have been recorded in schools. The school has not addressed Rambaran's allegations of forcing his son to wear a mask thrown into the bin. 

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