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Jeff James: Florida dad says vaccines a 'Deep State conspiracy to depopulate world'

'Masks are pretty much a device to enslave children, make them obedient,' James alleged during the school board meeting
Jeff James alleged that vaccines ‘are a conspiracy’ to ‘depopulate the world’ (Twitter/ @RonFilipkowski)
Jeff James alleged that vaccines ‘are a conspiracy’ to ‘depopulate the world’ (Twitter/ @RonFilipkowski)

SEMINOLE COUNTY, FLORIDA: A Florida father has made some bizarre claims about mask mandates and coronavirus vaccines while speaking during a Seminole County, Florida school board meeting. Jeff James claimed on Thursday, September 2, that more variants of Covid-19 “are planned,” vaccine against the deadly virus is “an experimental drug,” and that “masks don’t work.”

He said, “Masks are pretty much a device to enslave children, make them obedient, so they just learn to obey and not think for themselves. We need critical thinking. We don’t need children that are going to be little puppets that don’t say anything to speak out for themselves. We need leaders not followers.”


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The anti-masker went on to say, “The deep state medical establishment wants all of us to be depopulated. I know you guys think that’s a conspiracy theory but it’s not. It’s a conspiracy fact, they’re all in cahoots with each other, to depopulate us, they want us divided. They want all of us to fight each other so they can win,” before adding: “This is good versus evil, evil is not going to prevail. All you’ve done is awaken the sleeping giant here, every parent here wants freedom except maybe some of them that are brainwashed by the deep state media. I used to watch Fox News deliberately. I’m a conservative I won’t even watch that now.”

James also stated that he follows Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Scott Atlas. Dr Tenpenny had reportedly once falsely insisted that the vaccines magnetize people and that they “interface” with 5G cellular towers. Dr Atlas is a health care policy advisor and a senior fellow at conservative think tank Hoover Institution of Standford University.

James’ speech was shared on Twitter by Ron Filipkowski, who captioned it as: “Guy at the Seminole Co (FL) school board meeting today says vaccines are a conspiracy by the Deep State medical establishment to depopulate the world. Also says he doesn’t listen to Fox News or Hannity anymore because they have been compromised.” The video has garnered more than 400k views with a number of people reacting to it.

A user tweeted, “Truly insane how much support he gets from people. This has gone too far. And by that, I mean, it’s too far gone to fix.” Another one said, “THIS is the problem. This is what we are combatting. How do we resolve this??? These people who believe this will NEVER trust this vaccine.” “They applaud. They’re ALL applauding. Because it’s a cult. A cult of crazies and stupids. Period,” the third user added.




A person sarcastically wrote, “See there’s a virus killing people & the deep state med establishment doesn’t want that. *They* want to kill people, So they developed vaccines so they could save people & then kill them. B/c the med establishment is better off killing people than idk, selling meds. Make sense?”

“Too many Americans are scorning intellectualism and science while celebrating ignorance and folklore. They believe that a good belief is just as valid as a bad one. What's frightening is that Trump gave them the courage to act on this, and we're seeing the result,” the second one added.