'Rip in Time': 5 things you didn't know about Torrey DeVitto

The cast of 'Rip in Time' looks promising with the remarkable Torrey DeVitto in the lead, among others

                            'Rip in Time': 5 things you didn't know about Torrey DeVitto
Torrey DeVitto and Niall Matter from 'Rip in Time' (Instagram - @hallmarkmovie)

Who doesn't like dreamy love stories? If you're one to be interested in the same, Hallmark has a long list of the said genre for you to choose from. With their upcoming romance movie, 'Rip in Time', Hallmark is all set with a lovey-dovey plot. 

This Hallmark romantic movie revolves around a young woman Sarah Majors (played by Torrey DeVitto), an organic farmer who meets a man claiming to be from the 1700s. Almost instantly after their chance meeting, the two strike up a connection, thereby opening a gateway to an unusually old-fashioned relationship.  Read on to know more about the cast. 


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Here's a look at the cast of the Hallmark romantic mystery movie.

Torey DeVitto as Sarah Majors 

Born and raised in Huntington, New York, the popular actress, Torey DeVitto is a familiar face in some of the top movies and shows out there. She is known for her role as Dr. Natalie Manning on NBC's 'Chicago' franchise. Torrey's first acting role was in 1999, for the cast of 'Safe Harbor', but she had begun her career in modeling at the age of 15! She even studied dance with the Kings Park Dance Center, New York, and took acting classes at Zoe & Company in Orlando, Florida, all of which is the reason behind her being the talented actress she is today. 

She starred in 'Amy Makes Three' as Carla Forrest, in 'Scrubs', 'Green Flash', 'The Rite', 'Beautiful People', as Dr. Meredith Fell in 'The Vampire Diaries', and as Melissa Hastings on ABC's 'Pretty Little Liars'. Torrey is most notable for her recurring role as Carrie on The CW drama series, 'One Tree Hill'. 


The rest of the cast includes Niall Matter as Rip Van Winkle Jr., Eric Keenleyside as Calvin Majors, and Joshua Black as Henry Majors. 

'Rip in Time' releases on Sunday, May 22, at 9 pm EST, on Hallmark. What's more, Hallmark is available on several online platforms like Hallmark TV, iTunes, VUDU, Google Play, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Xbox, Samsung Smart TVs, Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Stay tuned!

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