'Butlers in Love': 5 things you need to know about Hallmark's romantic comedy

'Butlers in Love': 5 things you need to know about Hallmark's romantic comedy
'Butlers in Love' has a stellar cast that includes stars like Stacey Farber and Corey Cott (Hallmark)

Some people like to sit and relax in their homes during the holidays instead of going out. So to make your holidays at home enjoyable, channels like Hallmark bring refreshing stories with the best actors. Now, the channel is back with another romantic comedy titled 'Butlers in Love'.

'Butlers in Love' has a stellar cast that includes popular stars like Stacey Farber and Corey Cott. The story revolves around a prestigious butler academy that trains every passionate individual to become a royal butler. During their training period at the academy, the young learners will experience many other things in their lives. The movie will be a perfect combination of romance, drama, and comedy. Apart from the upcoming movie, you can add other Hallmark movies like 'North to Home' and 'The Perfect Pairing' to your watch list. Continue reading if you want to know more about the upcoming romantic comedy 'Butlers in Love'.



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When will 'Butler in Love' be released, and where can you watch it 

'Butler in Love' will release on Saturday, January 29, 2022, at 8 pm EST. You can watch the upcoming movie on the Hallmark channel. 

What is 'Butler in Love' all about 

The official synopsis reads, "In a prestigious butler academy, passionate Emma and rebellious Henry train to become royal butlers where the competition is fierce, and sparks fly."

Who stars in the upcoming 'Butler in Love'

The upcoming movie will be starring Stacey Farber along with Maxwell Caulfield, Corey Cott, Clarie Smithies, Bronwen Smith, Leo Chiang, Jacqueline Ann Steuart, Edwin Perez, Jack Rigg, and Jarryd Baine.


Stacey Farber 

Stacey Farber was born on August 25, 1987. The actress is popularly known for her works in various other movies 'Virgin River', 'Superman and Lois', and 'Schitt's Creek.' The Canadian actress graduated in 2005 from the all-girls private school Branksome Hall. She started her career in 2002 by playing the role of young Kathryn in 'Narc'.





The movie is directed under the special guidance of David Weaver.




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