Rikiana Hirawani: Breeder mauled by his own dogs in front of terrified neighbors

Rikiana Hirawani: Breeder mauled by his own dogs in front of terrified neighbors
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CHRISTCHURCH, NEW ZEALAND: A dog breeder who was allegedly treating his canines as "moneymakers" was brutally mauled to death by his own animals. Thirty-year-old Rikiana Hirawani was found lying dead and naked in the backyard of his home while surrounded by three large dogs.

Law enforcement responded to the Gilberthorpes Road home, in the Christchurch suburb of Hei Hei, at 12.30 pm on Tuesday, April 11, in order to seize the dogs. Neighbors reported they saw one of the hounds mauling Hirawani's lifeless body and described the scene as "grim."


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'You could see every rib'

One of the neighbors said he yelled at the dogs in a bid to keep them off the body until the authorities arrived at the scene. "You could see every rib," they told Stuff, also claiming the dogs weren't well looked as they were bred as "moneymakers." Another witness said they were feeling "a bit shell-shocked," while someone else added, “It was pretty grim." Reports suggest Hirawani's body was still being attacked by the dogs when police arrived. One of the canines was apprehended from the front of the property and police broke through the back fence to capture the other two animals.


No suspicious circumstances

The authorities cordoned off the property as officials from the Institute of Environmental Science and Research (ESR) examined the scene on Tuesday. A mobile police base was set up along the front porch and a forensic tent was put up in the driveway. Investigators were reportedly seen inspecting the bushes along the front of the property and a side fence appeared to have been busted down while marked with cordon tape. 

New Zealand Police Detective Senior Sergeant Colin Baillie said Hiawani's death was not being treated as suspicious. “Following a post-mortem examination, the death is not being treated as suspicious and will be referred to the Coroner,” Bailie said in a statement on Thursday, April 13. “Enquiries are ongoing to determine the circumstances that led to the death of Hiriwani. Cordons around the property will be removed this afternoon when the scene examination has been completed. Police extend our condolences to Mr. Hiriwani’s family.”


Police were regularly at the house

A nearby resident who spoke on condition of anonymity told Stuff that armed police were regularly at the house and he believed the property was gang-affiliated. Another neighbor said he saw law enforcement at the same property about a fortnight ago. 

MEAWW previously reported how a massive American Bully XL was found calmly licking blood off his walker after mauling him to death. 34-year-old Ian Symes was walking the hound when it overpowered him and killed him. The intimidating canine, named Kong, had been bought by Symes' friend Callum Jones the previous day from travelers via Snapchat. There was reportedly no paperwork for the animal. Speaking at the inquest, Jones admitted the dog was much bigger than he expected when he purchased it.






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 Rikiana Hirawani: Breeder mauled to death by his own dogs