Was Rihanna spray painting at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas? Cryptic art on ‘f**k Trump’ sparks wild rumors

In a series of Instagram posts captioned 'art', the 32-year-old singer-songwriter appeared to be spray painting 'F**k Trump' on an abandoned car

                            Was Rihanna spray painting at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas? Cryptic art on ‘f**k Trump’ sparks wild rumors
Rihanna (Getty Images)

With just 81 days to go for elections 2020, America is ready to see who will be the next President of the United States — Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Sharing her opinion in a cryptic art post, singer-songwriter Rihanna posted a series of images featuring spray paint on an abandoned car, one of which read, "F**k Trump!" 

The 32-year-old icon — who rose to fame with her first two albums 'Music of the Sun' (2005) and 'A Girl like Me' (2006) — became the talk of the town as her tweet captioned, "art. #81days" went viral with over 20,000 retweets and 115,000 likes. When a few Netizens pointed out that it was not art but mere doodling, one fan stood in her support and said, "It is art. It’s called Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. Art is about beauty and emotion, there are coats upon coats on these vehicles. The beauty in the art lies beneath the appearance. What we see as “doodles” can mean something huge to someone. To someone else, that is their art."



Just the mention of Amarillo raised many eyebrows and people couldn't believe that RiRi had stepped foot in the Texas city, which is known as The Yellow Rose of Texas and was once the self-proclaimed Helium Capital of the World. "Rihanna willingly stepped foot in Amarillo???" one tweet read and another said, "Rihanna is in Amarillo??? The idea that RIHANNA is in the God-forsaken West Texas desert wasteland is bizarre even by 2020 standards."



Fans went wild wondering what actually she was doing there. "I’m sorry. RIHANNA IS IN TEXAS more importantly PANHANDLE TEXAS more importantly Amarillo Texas," one tweet read and another said, "I’m so confused if Rihanna is at Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo TEXAS? and if so, why??"




One surprised Twitter user wrote: "You come to Amarillo, home of some of the most conservative county’s in the state.. and this is what you do? Lmao... okay? And?" Another posted, "She was in Amarillo and I didn’t get to meet this queen?????" One even expressed plans to get down on one knee for her. "Currently driving to Amarillo to propose to Rihanna."




One tweet read: "Can you imagine pulling up to Cadillac Ranch in mf AMARILLO TX and seeing RIHANNA?!? the simulation is glitching." Another said, "Everyone who lives or lived near or in Amarillo knows about Cadillac Ranch. It’s so random to know she’s there, but it is an iconic tourist place to go!"



While there are no reports or confirmation on whether the artiste was actually there, fans can't stop wondering how they missed spotting her there. We will update this space as soon as there is any new development.

Recently, the 'Umbrella' and 'We Found Love' singer was in the news for rumors that she is set to expand her business empire with a set of homeware and a potential cookbook after having her own brands for makeup, lingerie, and skincare!

Apparently, she has plans to release her first cookbook brimming with her trademark recipes and culinary tips and if reports are to be believed, her company has trademarked the term 'Sorry, I’m Booked' for the new venture. A source told The Sun: “Rihanna’s always been a fan of good food and during the lockdown, she worked up plans for bringing out her own book. It will include some of her favorite Caribbean recipes. The dream would be to bring out her own range of kitchenware too. Rihanna has proven that, apart from being a best-selling artist, she is a savvy businesswoman and those around her think this next step could be a huge hit.”

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