'Terrifying' video of Richard Sherman busting down father-in-law's front door goes viral

Video of drunk NFL star attempting to gain entry to in-laws house goes viral, scares Internet users a day after his high-profile arrest

                            'Terrifying' video of Richard Sherman busting down father-in-law's front door goes viral
Security camera footage shows Richard Sherman outside the home of his father-in-law in Redmond, Seattle, Washington (Twitter)

One day after it was revealed NFL free agent Richard Sherman was arrested in Seattle, a video of his has gone viral sending shockwaves on the Internet. A netizen leaked what appears to be security cam footage from Sherman's in-laws' house. The short video quickly made its way on Twitter on July 15 and left fans aghast.

Sherman's drunk incident has already seen the 911 call made by his wife leak. Now, the leaked footage adds to the family's woes. Sherman isn't the only one to be left red-faced by leaked footage this year. In mid-June, Manhattan's City Council candidate Zack Weiner's BDSM session with his girlfriend leaked. Sherman and Weiner appear to be exceptions though, with most leaked footage being of influencers, movie stars, and models like Avery Warner. Weiner managed to co-opt the leak as part of his campaign, but is it unclear if Sherman will be able to spin this footage. So far the family has not commented and perhaps for good reason. The viral video shows a clearly angry Sherman attempting to break into the house before he was arrested by cops.


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Family screams as Sherman forces entry

Early on July 14, a drunk Sherman crashed his car at a construction site and then walked to his in-laws' house nearby in Seattle. It is unclear why, but Sherman then attempted to gain entry to the house but was unable to do so. The six-foot-three-inch star can be seen violently pounding at the door, from what appears to be a security camera. Constantly screaming "come through", Sherman tries several times to get inside the house.

As he does so, a family member can be heard screaming in the background. It is unclear if this is from Raymond Moss and his family or neighbors. After about one and a half minutes of futile attempts, he then leaves the property in Redmond, Seattle. The video was originally shared by Viral Sport, but it is unclear where they obtained it from. 



Shortly after the attempt, Sherman was arrested by police and booked on a domestic violence burglary charge. Later, that was changed to four misdemeanor charges - second-degree criminal trespass, third-degree malicious mischief, resisting arrest, and driving under the influence of alcohol. In his court hearing, Sherman was barred from making contact with Moss. Despite the incident, Sherman's wife Ashley Moss defended her husband after his hearing on July 15.
"He's a good person and this is not his character. I want people to know no one was injured, she reportedly said.

Richard Sherman is '100% out of control'

Twitter was quick to react to the video and it didn't take long for it to go viral. The reactions were mixed, with some panning the release of the footage, while some others saw the funny side.  "The video of Richard Sherman allegedly trying to break into a house is TERRIFYING. He needs serious help," one person tweeted. Another slammed the footage, saying, "Whoever sent that video out of Richard Sherman is LAME AS HELL THAT WAS REAL LOW." Another said, "Not a great look for Richard Sherman. Yikes!"

One user joked, "Richard Sherman treated that door like a receiver inside 5 yards." Another tweeted, "Strong door… get that at Lowe’s??? Or is it custom? Asking for a friend." "The video of Richard Sherman is so disturbing. He is 100% out of control," one user tweeted. Another said, "On the Richard Sherman video….honestly hate to see it." 








On July 15, Sherman was released on bail by a judge at the King County District Court. The judge noted it was his first offense and called him "a pillar in this community". However, the release came with several conditions. Sherman was not to have contact with his father-in-law and avoid alcohol and drugs. 

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