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Who is Avery Warner? '90 Day Fiancé' star who said 'NO' to OnlyFans mocked after full frontal nude leaked

Warner once claimed she would never do OnlyFans, but someone leaked an image reportedly from her OnlyFans, which has since gone viral
UPDATED MAY 20, 2021
Avery Warner in an image from her Instagram account.
Avery Warner in an image from her Instagram account.

A reality TV star how once proclaimed she would never do OnlyFans appears to have been lying. A photo of Avery Warner, reportedly from her OnlyFans account has been leaked and is now circulating all over the internet. Following the leak, Avery has quit the platform, after being at the end of some massive trolling. 

People have been trolling Avery for her fully frontal nude that leaked, while others have slammed her for having an account after she once claimed she would never join the platform. With the hate piling up, fans have also dragged up other controversies that the star has been involved in. Here's what we know about Avery and how she ended up being the target of a massive online hate campaign.


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Avery Warner (via Instagram)

Who is Avery Warner?

Known for appearing as herself in the TV series '90 Day Fiancé', Warner has built a small, but dedicated fan following online. According to a bio we found online, Warner is also a dental assistant and a health freak. She has a degree in holistic nutrition and runs her own cooking business Sweet & Savory. She also dabbles with Cannabis, after being introduced to the drug by her ex-boyfriend. 

She was born in Canada, but it is unclear when she moved to the US. According to online reports, she lives in Washington state. Not much else is known about her personal life, apart from the fact that she has two kids. Her children make occasional appearances on her Instagram page, but it's unclear who their father is. Reportedly, Warner's business is a key source of income since she is yet to make it big as a TV star. 

It's unclear when she joined OnlyFans, but it doesn't seem like long ago. Late last year, she was engaged in a session with fans on Instagram when one person asked if she would join OnlyFans. To that, Avery replied, "I get this question a lot. I’m sorry guys, you will never see me on OnlyFans, it’s just not my style. Noooo." Well, now it seems like she may have been lying. According to Monsters & Critics a '90 Day Fiance' fan account, @90daysonblast has now dug up this old video.

Now, a photo of her nether regions has been circulating on social media over the last few days, purportedly from her OnlyFans account. Those images led to massive trolling and leading her to announce she was abandoning the platform for good. 

She's also quite political, having posted multiple images on her Instagram account of child exploitation and once even the Black Lives Matter movement, which led to her being attacked. Beyond that, not much is know about Warner. She has an estimated net worth of $600,000.


Avery's controversies

The OnlyFans controversy isn't the only time Avery has made the news. In 2020, she posted on her Instagram account that she does not support the Black Lives Matter movement, and even said that BLM "terrorizes White people". Those controversial comments led to her deal with Science of Life Alchemy being cut. The company cut ties with Avery, saying, "Her recent posts are not aligned with our support of the #BLM movement, and it is important to us as a company to show our support and solidarity for the black community." Avery didn't respond to being let go. 

Now, she's being shamed for her photo, which possibly leaked from one of her OnlyFans subscribers. Plenty of users have body-shamed her with memes and jokes about the shape of her labia, including an ex-boyfriend who posted a laughing emoji meme.

Avery has singled out and blamed some of Instagram's best-known '90 Day Fiance' meme queens for distributing the photos, an accusation that has been strongly denied. According to Monsters & Critics, while Avery may not be able to sue over the nasty memes being posted about her, the former reality TV star can take legal action regarding the leaked photo. Avery had apparently written to a meme page owner with the handle 'mommy_says_bad_words and the IG user captioned it as "The DMs between Avery and I this morning when she threatened me with legal action for meme'ing her lunch meat." The IG page owner replied to Avery saying she had not posted the images. 


Unfortunately for Avery, she doesn't seem to have many defenders despite body shaming being a real problem, that many celebrities have spoken up against in the past.