'RHOP' Season 5 Finale: Does Michael Darby want Juan Dixon to himself? Jealous behavior sparks wild theories

'Is Michael insinuating that Juan is gay? #RHOP Jesus take the wheel,' declared a fan

                            'RHOP' Season 5 Finale: Does Michael Darby want Juan Dixon to himself? Jealous behavior sparks wild theories
Juan Dixon and Michael Darby (Bravo)

Juan Dixon surprised everybody when he decided to get back with his ex-wife, Robyn Dixon, during Season 5 of 'Real Housewives of Potomac'. Through the course of the season, we saw Juan secretly planning his big proposal to Robyn. H even enlisted the housewife's close friend- Gizelle Bryant for help with picking out the ring. So, when Robyn decided to throw her annual Christmas party, and invited the couple's family and friends, Juan felt that it would be the perfect time to pop the big question to his ex-wife.

When Juan confided his plans of proposing to Robyn during the party with Gizelle, she was very excited for them. But Michael Darby threw a curveball when he declared to his wife, Ashley Darby that Juan would never propose to Robyn. Despite Ashley asking him why Michael refused to reveal the reason. Later at the party, Michael once again tried to check with Juan if he would be proposing to Robyn. Juan gave a vague response, which Michael assumed meant that he wouldn't propose to Robyn.

However, towards the end of the party, Juan proposed to Robyn in front of everybody. While all the housewives and the guests present at the party were thrilled for the new couple, Michael put on a forced smile and watched the couple, while enquiring with people around him if Robyn said yes to Juan. Later, Michael pulled Juan aside and decided that the duo would be having a bachelor party in Vegas without cameras. Juan excitedly agrees to it, and says that it would be just the two of them, and they would do it the right way. Upon hearing it, Michael looked happy and the two began taking shots to celebrate Juan's proposal. 

When fans saw how jealous and unhappy Michael looked when Juan proposed to Robyn, fans came up with their own theories to explain Michael's mood. Many fans felt that Michael wanted Juan all to himself, and that's why he wasn't pleased with the proposal. A fan tweeted, "Michael wants Juan for himself #RHOP." Another fan wrote, "Michael michael michael. You crushing too hard on Juan, dude! #Rhop." 



Fans also had a lot of thoughts on Michal and Juan's conversation about Vegas. A fan shared, "Michael trying to confess his love for Juan .. omg he he trying to get him all alone in Vegas for one last hurrah!! #RHOP." Another fan expressed, "Sweetie when Juan said with just him and michael in vegas ... that gave me Gay 4 Pay ... vibes ... #RHOP." "Is michael insinuating that Juan is gay? #RHOP Jesus take the wheel," declared a fan.




'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 5 airs every Sunday at 9/8c only on Bravo. 

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