Are Gizelle and Jamal Bryant still together? 'RHOP' star reveals her current relationship status

'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Gizelle and Jamal Bryant have had far from a peaceful relationship, so here is where the couple stands now

                            Are Gizelle and Jamal Bryant still together? 'RHOP' star reveals her current relationship status
'RHOP' star Gizelle Bryant and her former husband Jamal Bryant (Tasos Katopodis/ Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

Season 5 of 'Real Housewives of Potomac' featured Gizelle Bryant's attempts at rekindling her relationship with former husband Jamal Bryant. While Gizelle was over the moon at the thought of getting back with her ex-husband, unfortunately for the housewife, everybody around her felt that it was a bad idea, including the couple's three children.

Through the course of the season, fans saw Jamal, a pastor of a megachurch in Atlanta, repeatedly putting their budding romance in the backburner. From failing to show up for a family photoshoot to bailing on his former wife at group events, the pastor's constant absence made fans and her co-stars question the authenticity of their relationship. While Karen Huger felt that the couple's relationship looked like a 'business arrangement', fans declared that it was fake. During the season's reunion, Monique Samuels pulled the rug from under Gizelle's feet when she read out alleged text messages between Jamal and another woman claiming to be his girlfriend. 


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While infamously dubbing Jamal as "Pastor Holy Whore", Monique declared during the reunion that Gizelle was well aware of her ex-husband's infidelity. "Your pastor boyfriend is slinging his big D all around his congregation in Atlanta and you know it." Although Gizelle refused to acknowledge or believe any of the receipts that Monique brought against her ex-husband, she however was forced to admit that the texts came from Jamal's phone number. That was the last we saw of Gizelle and Jamal's drama. So, if you're wondering what happened to the couple after the show's filming ended and if they are still together, then read on.

Are Gizelle and Jamal Bryant still together?

It seems like the allegations of infidelity against her former husband finally got to Gizelle. The couple split up during the pandemic, and the 'RHOP' star has conveniently blamed the global pandemic for their split rather than his repeated infidelity. During an appearance on 'The Breakfast Club', Gizelle explained that Jamal lived in Atlanta, where the Covid-19 infection rates are sky-high, and she wasn't willing to put herself at any kind of risk. She said, "We were working on us getting back together…but he lives in Atlanta (and) I live in Maryland… with the pandemic, we just realized it’s not the right time. It’s just not going to work.” 

But that doesn't mean that Gizelle and Jamal are done for good. The housewife declared in the same interview that she and her former husband will always remain in each other's lives. "Jamal will always be in my life. He’s the father to all of my kids. We’ve been together and in each other’s lives for 25 years. He is one of my best friends and I to him. I don’t know anyone more than I know a Jamal Bryant," the housewife explained. Jamal was married to the reality star for seven years before divorcing in 2009. The couple shares three daughters together. Their happy married life came to an abrupt end after Gizelle found out that Jamal was cheating on her. His infidelity forced the housewife to divorce her husband and focus on herself and raising their three daughters. 


But Gizelle isn't ready to let her recent heartbreak get in the way of finding love again. She revealed that she is single and ready to mingle. "Right now I am footloose and fancy-free. I am single. I am enjoying my hot girl summer, spring, winter, and fall," expressed the reality star. 

'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 is all set to premiere on Sunday, July 11, at 8/7c only on Bravo.