'RHOP': Who is Jamal Bryant? Here's why 'sluttified' burger ad by Gizelle Bryant's ex-husband has fans chuckling

The timing of Jamal's burger ad couldn't have been worse as the sluttified clip released in the same week as 'RHOP' reunion, leaving fans chuckling

                            'RHOP': Who is Jamal Bryant? Here's why 'sluttified' burger ad by Gizelle Bryant's ex-husband has fans chuckling
Jamal H Bryant (Getty Images)

Atlanta's mega-church pastor aka Jamal Bryant has been making headlines lately for all the wrong reasons. Recently a popular vegan burger chain in Atlanta called Slutty Vegan ATL roped in Jamal to appear on one of their promotional campaigns. The eatery released a clip on its social media channels, which featured Jamal eating one of the burgers from the restaurant and declaring that he has been "sluttified" after eating the delicious-looking vegan burger.

While Jamal meant it as a fun play on the restaurant's quirky name, the internet however took it as a whole different thing. Jamal, who happens to be ex-husband of 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Gizelle Bryant, is notorious for his infidelity and numerous baby mamas. In Part 1 of 'RHOP' reunion, Monique Samuels and Karen Huger went after Gizelle for trying to rekindle her relationship with her cheating ex-husband. Monique opened up her receipts binder and read out a few text messages between Jamal and a woman he was reportedly having an affair with while seeing Gizelle. 

When Gizelle refused to believe the texts, Monique proved that it was Jamal by reading out the phone number of the sender. Gizelle had no choice but to confirm that it was indeed Jamal's number, although she still maintained that she wasn't going to believe anything Monique said or heard. Monique then declared that Jamal was sleeping with several women from his congregation in Atlanta and dubbed him as "Pastor Holy Whore".

The burger ad timing couldn't have been worse for Jamal, as the sluttified clip too released in the same week, leaving fans chuckling. A fan tweeted, "He was sluttifed well before he had y’all food but go off." Another fan wrote, "Jamal 'I got disloyal hoes in different area codes' Bryant been sluttified for eons." Another joked, "#RHOP Jamal’s been SLUTTIFIED in more ways than one!!!!!!!"  




Jamal and Gizelle married in 2002 and split in 2009 due to his numerous extramarital affairs. The couple has three children together. Aside from his three kids with Gizelle, the pastor is also rumored to be the father of at least three other children. Gizelle's father Curtis Graves believes that Jamal might have six or seven baby mamas, and wasn't pleased with Jamal being in his daughter's life.

In an episode of 'RHOP' Curtis can be heard saying, "This is not a good move for her. You know, this guy’s got six, seven baby mamas [...] as a father, you think twice about this kind of stuff!" Gizelle's daughters too aren't pleased with their parents' decision to get back together. Through the course of Season 5, we saw Gizelle's girls trying to warn their mother from getting back with their father due to his past behavior, but watching her determination to make the relationship work, they eventually came around and extended their support to the housewife. 

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