'RHOP' fans slam 'Ms Stripper' Mia Thornton for judging Wendy Osefo's body positivity

'Mia you were a stripper and that’s fine own up to it #RHOP,' wrote a fan

                            'RHOP' fans slam 'Ms Stripper' Mia Thornton for judging Wendy Osefo's body positivity
'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars Mia Thornton and Wendy Osefo (Bravo)

Ever since Wendy Osefo got her plastic surgery she has become a whole new person. The 'Real Housewives of Potomac' star is brimming with self-confidence and that is reflected in her dressing and style. Wendy, who is a political commentator and professor by profession was always used to dressing conservatively as that was the norm in her line of work. But the Potomac housewife was tired of living her life based on others' expectations and wanted to live on her own terms, so she got her breasts and butt enhanced. The 'RHOP' star is so pleased with her hot new body that she can't stop flaunting it by wearing clothes that she enjoys, which also happen o be a bit on the revealing side.

While Wendy is basking in her beautiful body, her fellow housewives however seem to be a bit concerned by it. Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby, and Mia Thornton aren't completely onboard with Wendy's new fashion. While Gizelle and Ashley wonder if Wendy's raunchy clothing style has something to do with rumors of her husband Eddie Osefo's alleged infidelity, Mia felt that Wendy's outfit choices were very inappropriate for her line of work. The recently aired episode of 'RHOP' featured Mia and the other housewives judging her fashion. Wendy wasn't pleased with her co-stars ganging up against her and called them all out.


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'RHOP' star Wendy Osefo (Bravo)


When Mia chimed in with her two cents by being very judgemental of Wendy's revealing outfits, the housewife quickly reminded her that she shouldn't be the one to judge anybody's dressing sense since she used to be a stripper. When Mia heard Wendy call her a stripper, the new housewife immediately got very defensive about it. She clarified that she worked as an 'entertainer' in a five-star restaurant and insisted that she never stripped or took off her clothes for the clients. 

Fans were amused on watching Mia get so defensive on being called a stripped when she herself admitted to working as a stripper in an earlier episode. Fans began urging her to own her past instead of lying about it and trying to cover it up. A fan tweeted, "Chile Mia went from a bartender, to a dancer, to an escort, to an escort that wears gowns to a stripper to now she worked in a restaurant #RHOP." "Mía gotta get her story straight… she did say she became a stripper Ctfu #RHOP," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "Mia you were a stripper and that’s fine own up to it #RHOP."




'RHOP' star Mia Thornton insists that she was never a stripper (Bravo)


Fans also called out Mia for trying to judge Wendy's fashion choices. A fan commented, "I’m sorry but Mia ain’t doing sh*t for me. How are you judging someone’s fashion when you were a whole stripper . Kissing Gizelle’s a** way too much #RHOP." "Lol not Mia judging Wendy!! Talking about she was never a stripper and worked in a 5 star restaurant sis pretty much every strip club is a 5 star restaurant!! You ain’t slick #RHOP," seconded a fan. "I’m still trying to wrap my head around Ms. Stripper Mia judging @WendyOsefo for being body positive! The math ain’t mathing! #RHOP," shared a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "Mia be so stuck on technicalities. You was a stripper, be real about it. How you shame Wendy when you was doing sh*t not too long ago …? K. #RHOP."






'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 airs every Sunday at 8/7c on Bravo. 

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