'RHOP': Gizelle Bryant claims she's 'messy' only occasionally, annoyed fans say 'you live and breathe mess'

'RHOP': Gizelle Bryant claims she's 'messy' only occasionally, annoyed fans say 'you live and breathe mess'
Gizelle Bryant (Getty Images)

Gizelle Bryant has managed to establish herself as a messy, pot-stirrer of 'Real Housewives of Potomac'. In just a span of an episode, Gizelle managed to throw shade at her best friend Robyn Dixon by calling her hats' company "embezzled" instead of "embellish". Gizelle was subtly taking a dig at her fellow housewife for owing the IRS money. Although Gizelle tried to pass it off as an innocent slip of the tongue, hawk-eyed fans and Karen Huger caught it immediately.

Later in the episode, she tattled on Wendy Osefo. Wendy told Gizelle about how when Karen got drunk, she revealed that she saved her husband from a financial crisis and joked about wanting her money back. Gizelle twisted the whole thing and told Karen that Wendy was worried that Karen was stressed about money and wanted her money back. Karen wasn't pleased on hearing that Wendy was going around discussing her private life with others.

Then, Gizelle reached out to Wendy and told her about how Karen made fun of her walk and educational degrees. This resulted in a small fight between Wendy and Karen. Karen then pointed out how Wendy and she always had issues over what they heard about each other from other people. The grand dame then realizes that Gizelle is to be blamed for all the petty fights that she was having with Wendy.

Aside from instigating a fight between the two housewives, Gizelle also played a huge role in ensuring that Monique Samuels wouldn't be invited to the vacation that the ladies were planning to take to Portugal. Gizelle lobbied hard with Ashley Darby, who was planning the entire trip, not to invite Monique, because the other housewives would be uncomfortable around her, and some might not even show up.

During her green room interview, Gizelle jokingly admits that she is messy, but also adds that she stirs up drama only every now and then. But fans were having a hard time believing that, as they felt that she was messy all the time. A fan tweeted, "Gizelle, messy every now and again?! U live and breathe mess. U live in mess and dress in it. #RHOP."

Another fan wrote, "Gizelle actually fixed her mouth to say 'Can't I be messy every once in a while?' You're messy in nearly every damn episode, Ms. Reputation to Protect!! #rhop." Another fan said, "Ugh Gizelle! Of course you didn't give Wendy context that Karen said that and was mocking her only after Gizelle was stirring the pot and came back and told her what Wendy said about her finances...smh And no, you aren't messy on occasion, you are ALWAYS messy Gizelle!! #RHOP," pointed a fan.




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