'RHOP': Gizelle upset about her image, fans remind her of Pastor Jamal's 'illegitimate babies and cheating'

Gizelle walked away from Karen Huger's house as she didn't want to be around Monique saying she and Jamal had 'an image to protect'

                            'RHOP': Gizelle upset about her image, fans remind her of Pastor Jamal's 'illegitimate babies and cheating'
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Gizelle Bryant came down way too hard on Monique Samuels on tonight's (Oct 4) episode of 'The Real Housewives of Potomac'. Karen Huger had hosted all the housewives at her home to discuss what had happened at the winery the other night between Monique and Candiace and everyone except the latter was present. Even before Monique could arrive, Wendy,  Robyn, and Gizelle were going at it, speaking about how damaging the whole fight has been to their images as Black women. They even spoke about how Monique is not a good role model for her daughter, accused her of leaking a one-sided story to gossip blogs after the fight and so on and so forth. 

After Monique arrived at the house and was putting forth her clarification about the whole altercation from the other night, Gizelle was busy looking into her phone, looking completely disinterested in what the former had to say. Later on, she went on to tell Monique that her teenage daughters have a better understanding of what is acceptable behavior. She said that she's received advice from her daughters to not fraternize with Monique anymore. Gizelle also added that she didn't want to be around Monique for another second going forward as she and her husband, pastor Jamal, have 'an image to protect' and she walked out of the house with her security. Fans who saw the episode are now calling her out for the holier than thou attitude. They believe that she was the one who instigated this entire situation in the first place and are clapping back at her for the same, but especially for the 'image to protect' statement. Here's a couple of reactions. 

"Gizelle is worried about her & Pastor Jamal’s image??!!?? What about all that cheating & illegitimate babies??? What a hypocrite @GizelleBryant!!!!! #RHOP" wrote a fan. "Gizelle is SO WHACK! Her PASTOR ex has an image to protect?? Didn’t he sleep with multiple women in the congregation when she was with him???#RHOP," wrote another. "Gizelle, take a seat and stop acting all high and mighty. Saying that you and your ex-husband who is a Pastor (who cheated on you multiple times) have an image to keep? Girl come on, taking out your phone to take “notes” was so childish. You’re all about the theatrics #rhop" read another tweet. "Gizelle talking about her and her pastor ex-husband having an image to upload, really didn’t your pastor-husband have 6 kids while he was with you, Sis fix your weave! #RHOP" wrote another fan. 










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