'RHOP': Gordon Thornton mocks a sleeping Ashley Darby, fans say she deserved it

'RHOP': Gordon Thornton mocks a sleeping Ashley Darby, fans say she deserved it
'RHOP' stars Gordon Thornton and Ashley Darby (Bravo)

Is it even a housewives trip if there's no drama? Well, the 'Real Housewives of Potomac' ladies wanted to get away from all the tension and drama in their group and so decided to go on a mini-vacation to the Chesapeake Bay. The hostess of the trip, Wendy Osefo invited the husbands too hoping that the presence of the men during the trip would help in maintaining the peace and calm in the group during the trip. Unfortunately for Wendy, she couldn't be more wrong.

New housewife Mia Thornton's husband Gordon Thornton was initially hesitant to go on a trip with a bunch of strangers. But on his wife's insistence, he agreed to join the trip, but he laid down the condition that he would be unleashing his fun side. While Mia continues to enjoy and be excited with Gordon's fun side, the other housewives definitely don't share the same view. Gordon made the ladies extremely uncomfortable with his inappropriate comments and gestures. He made Karen Huger aka the Grand Dame uncomfortable when he began licking his lips in front of her and making suggestive comments about her. Although the Grand Dame didn't appreciate Gordon's behavior, she decided to stay mum as she didn't want to disrupt the peace.


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Gordon and Mia Thornton on 'RHOP' (Bravo)

But new mom Ashley Darby didn't have the same level of patience when it came to handling Gordon's behavior. After a fun afternoon on a boat, the group was traveling back to their guest house in their bus. Ashley decided to sneak in a quick nap during the journey. When Gordon noticed the housewife sleeping with her mouth wide open, he quickly pointed it out to all the members on the bus and began laughing loudly. Ashley woke up to his comments and called him out for his behavior.

She politely requested him to stay on his side of the bus and not to interfere in others' business. Gordon quickly apologized to her and said he wouldn't have made any comments about her if he had known that she was awake. Ashley was further triggered on hearing Gordon's apology and asked him why he felt the need to make any comments about her at all. Gordon tried to pacify the situation by saying he was just having some fun.

'RHOP' star Ashley Darby (Bravo)

Karen expressed how Gordon's idea of having fun was quite disrespectful to others. In her green room interview, Ashley called out Gordon again by pointing out how it's nearly impossible for her to get some rest when she's at home with her newborn baby and that her taking a nap while on a vacation shouldn't be anybody's concern. Fans however sided with Gordon and felt that Ashley was over-reacting. A fan tweeted, "G is annoying but I truly think he did not have bad intentions when talking about Ashley on the bus #RHOP." "Ashley, it was not that deep. G was just making a joke. #RHOP," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "I didn't think G did anything that bad to Ashley #rhop."




Gordon Thornton on 'RHOP' (Bravo)


Some fans even felt that Ashley deserved Gordon's jokes at her expense. A fan shared, "I’m not mad at G going at Ashley. I endorse it! Maybe now she’ll see how it feels to be attacked unprovoked the way she did Candiace at last week’s dinner. That’s what her wide bodied a** gets! #RHOP." "Idc if G is wrong or not, Ashley deserves this drag #RHOP," echoed a fan. "That's what Ashley messy a** gets. G's teasing wasn't that crucial. Just roll your eyes at his drunk a** and go back to sleep. That's why Mia had to get Ashley together #RHOP," seconded a fan.





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