Is Mia Thornton OK? 'RHOP' fans slam Gordon Thornton for abusing wife in public

Although Mia looked completely unaffected by Gordon talking down to her like that in front of others, Wendy and Candiace were concerned

                            Is Mia Thornton OK? 'RHOP' fans slam Gordon Thornton for abusing wife in public
'Real Housewives of Potomac' star Mia Thornton and her husband Gordon Thornton (Mia Thornton/ Instagram)

Wendy Osefo aka Zen Wen wanted to get away from all the drama and tension brewing among the Potomac housewives. So she planned a fun and relaxing getaway to the Chesapeake Bay for the housewives and even invited the men hoping that the women would give their petty drama some break and instead focus on unwinding with their partner. But alas, barely a few hours into the vacation, the 'Real Housewives of Potomac' stars got into screaming matches and cat-fights, throwing salads at each other. 

While we absolutely love watching the drama among the Potomac housewives, especially Mia Thornton and Candiace Dillard Bassett, as they throw lettuce and digs at each other, fans couldn't help but wonder if everything was okay between Mia and her husband Gordon Thornton. Mia's husband Gordon, who is 32 years older than his wife, was initially hesitant to go on a vacation with the 'RHOP' ladies and their husbands' but decided to put his worries aside and instead have a blast during the getaway and bring out the fun Gordon. True to his word as soon as the couple got to the lake house which was rented for the vacation, he joined Wendy and her husband Eddie Osefo to do alcohol shots. With each shot, he began loosening up and spilling some steaming hot tea about his sex life.


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Gordon revealed that after marrying Mia he had no interest in going to strip clubs but continues to go because she likes it. Mia then added that he likes white women, Gordon then proceeded to discuss his sexual encounters with white women and about his penis. While the other couples looked extremely uncomfortable with Gordon's behavior, Mia and he continued to be unfazed and enjoy their mini-vacation.

After several drinks, Gordon decided to surprise Mia by putting her on a call with his car dealer. The car dealer revealed that Mia could create her own custom G-Wagon, which was a gift from Gordon for their eight-year wedding anniversary. Mia got very excited and wanted to go see her new present immediately. But a very drunk Gordon snapped at her by saying "shut the f**k up" and was very dismissive of her excitement. Although Mia looked completely unaffected by Gordon talking down to her like that in front of others, Wendy and Candiace wondered about how Gordon treated her behind closed doors. Candiace felt that Gordon should have been more respectful of his wife at least in public.

When the ladies later brought it up while talking to Mia she casually shrugged it off saying it didn't bother her. Although Mia is unbothered, fans definitely don't seem to share the same feeling. A fan tweeted, "I am cringing. G telling his wife to "shut the f up" in front of those people and cameras tells me all I need to know. He is saying and doing worse at home. #RHOP." "G, why you telling anyone to shut the f*** up?? Mia, why you letting somebody tell you to shut the f*** up but then you call yourself a “boss”?? I’m getting into both of y’all’s behind. Unacceptable… ," wrote a fan. "G is the typical older man who has been married twenty two times. He uses money to control Her. He’s embarrassing #rhop," commented a fan.




Gordon and Mia Thornton on 'RHOP' (Bravo)


Fans also felt that Mia puts up with her husband's behavior just for money. A fan shared, "It’s clear Mia only in this for the financial support. I see why she’s G’a 4th wife. The other 3 couldn’t stomach him #RHOP." "#RHOP oh damn G just putting Mia down bro. I can't this is cringe bro," added a fan. Another fan expressed, "This is so damn Embarrassing omg G needs some rest ASAP he needs his old a** slapped, he just disrespected his Wife and she was fine with that #RHOP."





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