'RHOP' Reunion: Candiace says she never starts fights and only responds to disrespect

'RHOP' star Candiace Dillard Bassett defended her aggressive behavior on the show by declaring that she never instigated fights

                            'RHOP' Reunion: Candiace says she never starts fights and only responds to disrespect
Candiace Dillard Bassett on 'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 Reunion (Bravo)

The much-awaited four-part reunion of 'Real Housewives of Potomac' Season 6 is finally here! The Potomac ladies understood the assignment and wasted no time in giving us the juicy drama with their shocking confessions and throwing shade at each other. Candiace Dillard Bassett and her rift with new housewife Mia Thornton was documented pretty extensively on the season. So, it came as no surprise that the topic of their fight popped up during the reunion.

The reunion's host- Andy Cohen lit up the fire when he read one of the questions from the audience directed at Mia. The housewife was asked why she dubbed Candiace's video shoot as 'low budget'. Mia labelling her co-star's video shoot as 'low budget' was what set off the fiery drama between the ladies, so we were all curious to hear the housewife's reasoning. Mia patiently explained that whenever someone is invited to an event, it's the host's duty to ensure someone is near the entrance to greet the guests, and there was nobody at Candiace's event. The housewife doubled down by adding that Candiace spent $10,000 on the video shoot, so it was low budget. Candiace immediately retaliated by pointing out how all the ladies at the shoot were extras and that the focus was on getting the required shot and not catering to the whims and fancies of the extras on the set.


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This ended up opening a can of worms when Candiace added that Mia was 'ungrateful'. When the other ladies stepped in to defend Mia by calling out Candiace for dubbing Mia's mother as 'low budget', the housewife continued to defend herself. Candiace pointed out that all the ladies said nasty things about each other, but that doesn't mean she should be singled out for being better at it. Any was left tongue-tied by Candiace's justification for her behaviour. When he openly wondered why he every day wakes up to demands from fans asking for Candiace to be fired, the housewife once again slammed everybody by saying that the problem is with the people who can't keep up with her.

Gizelle Bryant stepped in and said if Mia would have 'clocked' Candiace for calling her mother 'low budget' then she would totally understand it. Candiace got upset on hearing it and declared that she never started anything but only responded to disrespectful behaviour by people towards her. When fans heard Candiace's justification, they were left feeling amused. A fan tweeted, "If @TherealCANDIACE claims she doesn't start it, ok let her beleive that. With that said, her verbal abuse and her abusive behavior is NEVER acceptable and should not be toletated. Yes @Andy fire her. #RHOPReunion #RHOP." Another fan wrote, "Candiace saying “I never start anything” is the biggest LIE I have ever heard. She really is the most disgusting, foul mouthed, HEARTLESS woman this franchise as ever seen. An absolutely disgusting human being. #rhop #RHOPReunion." "Candiace is incapable of taking accountability for any of her actions & she’s verbally abusive towards other cast mates. @Andy let her go now. Because if she gets into another fight, you’ll wish you would’ve gotten rid of her when you could. She needs help. #rhop #RHOPReunion," commented a fan. Another fan added, "For somebody who can’t fight Candiace sure loves to talk AT people.. chile. #RHOPReunion #RHOP."






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