'RHOP' Reunion: Is Andy Cohen siding with Candiace? Fans slam him for trying to make Monique feel 'guilty'

Fans were left fuming at Andy when they saw how he treated Monique and felt that he was favoring Candiace even though she was in the wrong

                            'RHOP' Reunion: Is Andy Cohen siding with Candiace? Fans slam him for trying to make Monique feel 'guilty'
Monique Samuels, Andy Cohen and Candiace Dillard (Bravo)

The explosive fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard formed a major part of Season 5's storyline of 'Real Housewives of Potomac'. Earlier in the season, the ladies drove off to Monique's lake house for some much-needed break. Things were going fine between all the housewives until the focus was on Monique and Candiace. Things escalated quickly between the ladies when Candiace brought up how their hostess "disrespected" her by pretending to sleep when she went to bid her goodbye. While all the ladies began shouting at each other, Candiace took to her wine glass and a knife to draw attention towards her.

Candiace began clinging the knife against the wine glass and began to shout at Monique. We then see Monique leaping at Candiace and dragging her across the room by her hair. Soon the cameras blacked out and we could only hear someone yelling at Monique asking her to release Candiace. The footage of the actual fight never made it to the show, but we heard accounts from both the ladies as to how the fight transpired. While Candiace accused Monique of assaulting her by dragging her across the room by her hair, we later learned from Karen Huger that Monique only reacted to Candiace throwing her wine glass at Monique.

Since reunion is the time for all the dirty laundry to be aired out, host/ executive producer of the show Andy Cohen finally aired the complete footage of the duo's fight. In the footage, Candiace can be seen moving her wine glass up and down, which reportedly hit Monique in the mouth and then the fight ensued. While Andy claimed that there was no such footage of Monique getting hurt, the housewife claimed that she can provide her dental records and dentist's prescriptions to prove it. Andy then turned his attention to Candiace and asked her how she felt about the whole situation. The former beauty queen was so overwhelmed by Andy's question that she broke down and left the reunion saying she needed some time to gather herself. 


In the meanwhile, Andy openly wondered how Monique was able to stay so calm and collected about the whole situation without showing any emotion. When Monique explained that she has already processed all her emotions, the host found it hard to believe and gave her a hard time about it. He tried guilting Monique for having no remorse over getting into a fight with Candiace.

Fans were left fuming at Andy when they saw how he treated Monique and felt that he was favoring Candiace. A fan tweeted, "Andy you are on the wrong side and you are being manipulated and gaslighted by Candice. Why are you trying to force Monique to cry and not accept that she is a Strong black women. Most of us don’t cry about a fight a whole year after it happend #RHOP #TearsOfAClown."

"Also love how Andy is telling Monique things didn’t happen and they run the footage of it happening. You’re part of the problem too sir. #rhop," wrote a fan. Another fan added, "With a broken wine glass, the lie detector, aka the bravo producers proved that's a goddamn lie, & y'all want Monique to be emotional and play to Candiace's b******t... Well I think the f**k not. @Andy and the rest of these lying 'housewives' can miss me entirely with the bs.




Fans refused to show any sympathy for Candiace, although she stormed off the sets crying. A fan commented, "Make no mistake, Mo was wrong. But I think we ain’t rocking with Candace bc we have consistently seen how nasty and disgusting she is so there’s no sympathy there. & she continues to display how nasty she can be #RHOp." Another said, "Candiace, this tissue of yours and all that crying is not gaining you no sympathy so just stop. #RHOP." Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, "I’m starting to think Candace is faking this crying to get sympathy from the crew. She doesn’t get that she contributed to this fight either. #RHOP."




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