'RHONY': Is Sonja Morgan's drinking getting out of hand? Fans are tired of old storyline

Sonja Morgan and Bershan Shaw nearly got into a physical fight, seeing that Bershan said that she was 'drunk'

                            'RHONY': Is Sonja Morgan's drinking getting out of hand? Fans are tired of old storyline
Sonja Morgan (Instagram/ @sonjatmorgan)

For the ladies of 'RHONY', a fun night soon went downhill real fast. It all began with Bershan Shaw told Sonja Morgan that she was drunk, resulting in an immediate spiral from the latter. 

Bershan, who is a recent addition to the cast joined them on a trip to Salem, Massachusetts. Everything seemed to be going well, until one wild evening later, the two women got into a nasty fight. Sonja argued that Bershan didn't know her that well to be that casual with her, and the two nearly got into a physical fight. After being separated by the crew, Sonja even ended breaking the glass case during the frenzy. 


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The next day, the ladies had all set out for a day of shopping and a seance. While Bershan apologized later, seeing that she said she should not have been so familiar with the group having just met them, the air was still heavy. The reason being, the rest of the cast felt as though it was necessary to talk to Sonja about her drinking problem. They decided it was best addressed then and there, while they were all at the restaurant waiting for the seance to start.

Fans, however, believed that this was possibly the worst idea and timing ever, seeing that they sat down for an alcohol intervention just after drinks were served. "an impromptu intervention where everyone is drinking is a fucking TERRRRRRIBLE idea #RHONY #realhousewivesofnewyork" tweeted a fan. "so talk to Sonja at the bar/restaurant and not before you left the hotel about her behaviour, oh ok ladies #RHONY" added another, pointing out the irony of it all. 

"Omg no.. please don’t bombard Sonja before a seance about her drinking on camera #rhony @BravoTV" said another. "When you are on vacation, you drink. What is the problem? #RHONY" tweeted a fan. 









Sonja seems to have been blindsided by the whole intervention and even argued that she only drinks when she is with the group and seldom drinks alone or at home. She also strongly maintained that she was having fun, even though the rest pointed out that she gets aggressive when she drinks. The conversation seemed to have been going around in circles and came to no conclusion by the end. Fans, however, were the least surprised by this.  “Don’t call Sonja drunk-she has not right to talk to her like that” Currently -“we think the drinking is going to hurt you ” #RHONY" joked another. "#RHONY WHY would they choose dinner and drinks to confront Sonja…?!! It’s ridiculous!" tweeted another. 

"After 9 years we are still doing the “Sonja’s got a drinking problem story line.” #RHONY" said a tired fan. "An intervention during a night out drinking... Wrong timing if there ever was #RHONY" pointed out another 

"I feel like this conversation with Sonja is a waste of time. They’ve had so many conversations with her in the past and nothing changes. At this point, let her be. She will figure it out one day. #RHONY" tweeted a fan. "What the hell do these girls mean they HAVE to talk to Sonja tonight? They don’t *have* to do anything. Sonja may need help but this isn’t the right approach. #RHONY" exclaimed a fan. 














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