'Real Housewives of New York City': Ramona says everyone's jealous of her having '50 girlfriends', fans cringe

Fans think it is ridiculous that Ramona insists she has '50 close friends' and call her out for it

                            'Real Housewives of New York City': Ramona says everyone's jealous of her having '50 girlfriends', fans cringe
Ramona Singer (Getty Images)

In case you were missing Ramona Singer and her delusions of grandiosity, don't worry. Our dear old delusional Ramona is back. The previous episode saw the OG housewife get into a scuffle with Dorinda Medley. Dorinda's toast at LuAnn De Lessesps's Halloween party didn't sit well with Ramona, who felt that it was attacking her. When she confronted Dorinda about it, she ended up being on the receiving end of Dorinda's infamous wrath. Dorinda accused Ramona of being selfish and self-centered and making everything about herself.

Dorinda then brings up how Ramona was rude to them when they went to meet the party planner and refused to have a joint birthday with Sonja Morgan. Ramona gets very upset and leaves the party in tears. On the latest episode of 'Real Housewives of New York City', we see Ramona catching up with LuAnn and Leah McSweeney, a day after the party. The ladies ask Ramona what happened at the party, and why she was so upset. Ramona then launches into her explanation of why Dorinda was mean to her. 

According to our OG housewife, Dorinda is mourning the death of her husband — Richard Medley for the first time since his passing and is lashing out at her dear ones. When LuAnn and Leah pointed out that Ramona's theory might not be accurate and that Dorinda's angry behavior might have something to do with the way Ramona treated Dorinda and Sonja while meeting the party planner. When Ramona hears it, she gets extremely defensive and says that Dorinda might be upset because she has nobody to throw a party for her or doesn't have 50 friends who might be keen on attending her party. Ramona continues explaining how she's 'grateful' for having 50 close girlfriends.


In her green room interview, Ramona explains that the ladies all resent her because she has friends and a 'whole other world' outside of the group, and they are all jealous of her over it. When fans saw Ramona and her claims of 50 friends, they were left amused.

A fan tweeted, "#RHONY So last season’s most ridiculous statement was @CountessLuann saying the girls were jealous of her, so far this year’s is @ramonasinger saying the others don’t have friends #QualityOverQuantity." Another fan wrote, "#RHONY Ramona is delusional to think those 50 so called 'girlfriends' are 'real' friends. She treats people like s**t. I call BS!! We hear about her girlfriends just as much as she double books! #ramonasinger #delusional #notagorlsgirl #50girlfriends." One said, "Why does Ramona really think having 50 surface level 'girlfriends' is something to be proud of give me 5 real friends who r there when s**ts hits the fan is all any woman needs. These 50 probably think its comical at this point #RHONY." 

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