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'RHONJ' star Joe Gorga believes having sex four days a week is 'normal', says 'it keeps you closer'

'What it does is keep you closer, it keeps you walking by each other, grabbing each other in the kitchen,' claimed the 'RHONJ' star
UPDATED JAN 16, 2023
'RHONJ' star Joe Gorga (Instagram/@joeygorga)
'RHONJ' star Joe Gorga (Instagram/@joeygorga)

FRANKLIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY: In a new episode of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star Melissa Gorga’s podcast, ‘Melissa Gorga On Display’, her husband Joe Gorga revealed that he thinks being intimate with your partner four times in a week is "normal".

While discussing a friend’s sex life, Melissa and Joe touched upon their intimate lives and marriage. Joe revealed that while the two have been married for 18 years, the couple likes to keep it “cute.” He continued to state that he “likes sex three to four days a week.” He also said that the particular amount is “normal” for him. In response, Melissa was quick to say that three to four days a week is not normal for all ladies. She continued to state that it is difficult to get intimate several times when you’re married and have a busy life with work or children.


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When Melissa stated that her friend scheduled her intimate activities for Saturdays, Joe was shocked to learn the information. Joe added that he hated when people in relationships complained about their relationship. He continued to say, “I like sex. Normal is four days a week.” Joe also added, "What it does is keep you closer, it keeps you walking by each other, grabbing each other in the kitchen.”

Melissa quickly contradicted his point by saying that three to four days of intimacy is difficult for most women especially working mothers. She also said that most women would tell him he was "out of his mind" for making the statement. Joe then argued that it could change if the woman is single or divorced because, according to him, she would want to get intimate often because of their free time. To which Melissa added that she meant it is quality over quantity and that she was referring to married women.

This is not the first time that Joe has made such a statement. In an interview with US Weekly, Joe said, "We still are obsessed with each other. I mean, we still have sex more than the average,” adding, "The key is as much sex as you can have. It keeps us together.”