'He smacked you to the ground': 'RHONJ' newbie Caroline Rauseo alleges Joe Gorga hit wife Melissa in public

'He smacked you to the ground': 'RHONJ' newbie Caroline Rauseo alleges Joe Gorga hit wife Melissa in public
Caroline Rauseo accused Joe Gorga of smacking his wife Melissa Gorga as she was flirting in a club (@joeygorga and @carolinerauseo/Instagram)

WARNING: The article contains information about physical abuse that may trigger some readers. Discretion is advised.

FRANKLIN LAKES, NEW JERSEY: It appears that Bravo star Joe Gorga's New Year's resolution is to ignore haters while sipping cocktails with his wife. However, one may argue that his recent Instagram post is a dig at new 'Real Housewives of New Jersey' cast member Caroline Rauseo, who could very well be a member of Joe's haters' club.


Teresa Giudice recently dubbed Melissa's methods "messy" and "dirty" on a recent episode of the 'Namaste B$tches' podcast, stating she hopes the dirty game catches up with Melissa and Margaret soon. She also said that Joe Gorga was the one who gave her the Evan rumor, meaning that it came from Melissa, Margaret, or Joe Benigno. Melissa Gorga recently addressed similar accusations on her 'On Display' show, remarking that topics from more than a decade ago are being revisited owing to "unhappy homes" and boredom. "Friend-of" from Season 12, Caroline Rauseo then commented on the original post, which was shared by a Bravo"s 'Real Housewives' fan account.


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Caroline's comment read, "Yeah ok Melissa....it's due to your lying, fake a** character that needs to be exposed. You've been lying for yearrrsss ~ let's talk about unhappy homes...hmmm do u want to talk about the domestic abuse in your home??!!! He smacked you to the ground in public in a club bc u were flirting .....Sad and I do feel bad for you bc no one should ever be put through that but you need to stop putting on the facade."


She further claims to have more dirt on Melissa and accuses her of disregarding her earlier. "You should have been nicer when we filmed ....yup U know exactly what I mean...u disregarded me as if I didn't exist bc u know I know ALOT.... U should learn humility. That's a good lesson for you," she said.



Although there is no evidence to substantiate these allegations, Joe appears unconcerned. Joe turned to Instagram hours later to share a video of himself and his wife sipping on their drinks. The video, which is meant to throw shade at his haters, begins with the couple clinking their glasses while Melissa says, "Haters are going to hate!" before both bursts out laughing.

The couple's 18-year marriage has been fraught with difficulties, including rumors of adultery by Joe's sister Teresa Giudice.

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